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Picture of Stephen Man

Dr Stephen Man

School of Medicine

Picture of Fiona Ruge

Miss Fiona Ruge

Research Technician
School of Medicine

Picture of Tongtong Shi

Miss Tongtong Shi

Research Assistant - Statistics
School of Medicine

Picture of Mark Good

Professor Mark Good

School of Psychology

Picture of Maria Dul

Dr Maria Dul

Post Doctoral Research Associate
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

No image available for Cerri Pay

Ms Cerri Pay

Administrative Officer (Finance), Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences
School of Medicine

Picture of David Odd

Dr David Odd

Senior Lecturer
School of Medicine

No image available for Karolina Dec

Dr Karolina Dec

Research Associate, Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovation Institute
School of Medicine

Picture of Miao Miao

Miss Miao Miao

Research student
Cardiff Business School

No image available for Di Ye

Mr Di Ye

Research student

Picture of Muhao Du

Dr Muhao Du

Research student
Cardiff Business School

Picture of Ihnji Jon

Dr Ihnji Jon

Lecturer in Human Geography
School of Geography and Planning

Picture of Yi-Lin Wu

Dr Yi-Lin Wu

Lecturer in Materials Chemistry
School of Chemistry

Picture of Andrew Tee

Professor Andrew Tee

School of Medicine

Postgraduate supervisor
Left quote
Media commentator

No image available for Kar Man Au

Kar Man Au

Research Assistant, CASCADE
School of Social Sciences

Picture of Tengxiang Su

Dr Tengxiang Su

Ktp Associate
Cardiff Business School

Picture of Sang Soon Oh

Dr Sang Soon Oh

School of Physics and Astronomy

Postgraduate supervisor

No image available for Paul Kemp

Professor Paul Kemp

Emeritus Professor
School of Biosciences

No image available for Peter Coss

Professor Peter Coss

Emeritus Professor
School of History, Archaeology and Religion

No image available for Nigel Lowe

Professor Nigel Lowe

Emeritus Professor
School of Law, Politics and International Relations