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Colin Gibson

Colin Gibson

Honorary Prof.

Yr Ysgol Peirianneg


08.10.98 - present Consultant Clinical Engineer, Head of Rehabilitation Engineering Artificial Limb & Appliance Service (ALAS) - Cardiff and Vale UHB Main Duties and Responsibilities • Consultant Professional Head of Service for Rehabilitation Engineering. • ALAS Healthcare Science Lead for 45 scientists, practitioners and associates/affiliates. • ALAS Clinical Governance and Reasearch & Development Lead. • Chair of Cardiff & Vale UHB Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Professional Group. Achievements • Implemented a successful re-organisation of rehabilitation engineering services 1998-9. • Initiated and developed first UK Master of Science course in Clinical Engineering from 1998. • Member of IPEM Education Panel 2002-3 and IPEM Engineering Advisory Group since 2006. • Chair of RESMaG Council 2003-5 (Deputy Chair 2001-3 and Council member since 1999) and Chair of RESMaG Education & Training Working Group since 2007 (Working Group member since 2005) leading on Modernising Scientific Careers for rehabilitation engineering. • Institute of Leadership & Management Certificate in Applied Healthcare Management (2006). • Chartered Engineer and State Registered Clinical Scientist. • Honorary Lecturer and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University. • Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. • Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. • Visiting Professor in Rehabilitation Engineering at Coventry University • Elected Vice President:Professional of IPEM in September 2012 Current Research Interests • Finite element analysis of the behaviour of special seating and wheelchair systems and their occupants in crash situations during transportation in vehicles (EPSRC funded). • Knowledge based engineering applied to the creation of custom moulded special seats to meet the clinical, functional and social needs of severely disabled patients (EPSRC funded). 02.06.04 – 23.02.06 Director, Cymtox Ltd, Cardiff Business Technology Centre 18.07.01 - 16.11.05 Managing Director, MRBP Research Limited Cardiff University Institute of Medical Engineering and Medical Physics Main Duties and Responsibilities • Managing Director and Company Secretary of NHS/university spin-out company. • Leader of Research and Development and Intellectual Property Manager. Achievements • Attracted investment in excess of £500,000 from various sources. • Successful business start up, demonstration of proof of principle and filing of patents. • Successful licensing of Intellectual Property and delivery of Research & Development Contracts including leading research team to successful proof of concept of Cymtox device. • Successful sale of all commerical rights to third party. 07.09.93 - 07.10.98 Clinical Engineer - Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering University Hospital of Wales Healthcare NHS Trust Main Duties and Responsibilities • Laser Protection Adviser. • Scientific and Technical Support for the Medical Equipment Management Service. • Directorate Health and Safety Co-ordinator for the University Hospital of Wales site. Achievements • Chairman’s Quality Award 1997 - Improving the Safety of Intravenous Infusions. • Initiated and developed the Laser Protection Advisory Service. • Initiated and developed training programmes for the users of medical equipment. • Initiated and developed Trust procedures and policy for the safe use of infusion devices. • Co-ordinated successful outcome of health and safety inspection of Directorate by HSE. • Certificate of Competence to Practice and Advise in Radiation Protection (IPEM). • Corporate Member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. • Successful review of rehabilitation engineering services provided by Directorate 1997-8 01.11.84 - 31.08.93 Research Officer - Environmental Health Technology Group University of Wales College of Medicine Main Duties and Responsibilities • The research and development of innovative technology with the aim of achieving practical and commercially viable technical solutions to measurement and control problems of particular relevance to the field of environmental health. Achievements • Successfully demonstrated non-thermal interaction of microwaves with electrostatic bonds. • Developed microwave desorption process. • Developed microwave spectrometer for process/effluent monitoring of ethylene oxide. • Designed molecular rotational microwave spectrometer for air quality monitoring. • Co-authored successful grant application obtaining £150,000 from Department of Health and contract research applications obtaining £250,000 from 3M and Griffiths Micro-Science. • Regional winner (Wales and N. Ireland) and U.K. finalist of the Toshiba Year of Invention Award 1991 as co-inventor of the Legionella Population Time Differential Monitor. 01.10.81 - 02.10.83 Basic Grade Physicist - Regional Medical Physics Department Newcastle General Hospital • Designed, constructed and tested medical electrical equipment to comply to BS 5724. • Undertook gamma camera scans and dispensed radiopharmaceuticals. • Successful completion of two year training period. 1977 - 1981 Sponsorship by North East industrial consortium including Alcan (UK) Ltd, Victors Products (Wallesend) Ltd and British Engines Ltd. • Awarded sponsorship by consortium following application and competitive interview. • Undertook design, development, construction and commissioning of devices and systems.
Health, Technology and the Digital World

THESES & DISSERTATIONS Authored Gibson C. (1984) Pseudo-random sequences - their properties and applications. M.Sc. Dissertation. University of Manchester. Gibson C. (1987) Microwave applications in the sterilization of heat sensitive medical supplies. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Wales College of Medicine. Supervised Williams G. L. (2002) Design considerations for a universal head restraint for use by wheelchair-seated individuals when being transported in road vehicles. M.Sc. Dissertation. University of Wales, Cardiff: School of Engineering. Pooley D. T. (2003) High-throughput screening for the investigation of the biological effects of millimetre-wave radiation. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Wales College of Medicine. Iles G. (2004) Investigation into the function of a commercially available amputated leg (stump) or knee supports that are fitted to wheelchairs issued by the National Health Service. M.Sc. Dissertation. University of Wales, Cardiff: School of Engineering. Long D.J. (2004) A tool to assist the pre-purchase selection process of bespoke contoured seating. M.Sc. Dissertation. University of Wales, Cardiff: School of Engineering Pearse R. (2004) An investigation of the functional and social effectiveness of moulded seats used within wheelchairs. M.Sc. Dissertation. University of Wales, Cardiff: School of Engineering. Dryer P. (2005) Evaluation of pressure distribution and durability characteristics of custom carved foam seat cushions. M.Sc. Dissertation. Cardiff University: School of Engineering Edwards S. E. (2005) Analysis of radiated emissions from surgical diathermy units using a phantom. M.Sc. Dissertation. Cardiff University: School of Engineering Rogers P. D. (2009) Modelling the Crashworthiness of Specialist Wheelchair Devices. Ph. D Thesis. University of Glamorgan: Faculty of Advanced Technology. Partlow A. J. Knowledge based engineering applications in special seating. Ph. D project commenced September 2009. University of Glamorgan: Faculty of Advanced Technology. Davies N. M. (2010) Is a reconditioned wheelchair as effective and safe as a brand new wheelchair? M.Sc. Dissertation. Cardiff University: School of Engineering. PRIMARY RESEARCH PAPERS Samuel A.H., Matthews I.P. and Gibson C. (1988) Microwave Desorber : a combined sterilizer/aerator for the accelerated elimination of ethylene oxide residues from sterilized supplies. Medical Instrumentation 22, 1, 39-44. Gibson C., Matthews I.P. and Samuel A.H. (1988) Microwave enhanced diffusion in polymeric materials. Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy 23, 1, 17-28. Matthews I.P., Gibson C. and Samuel A.H. (1989) Enhancement of the kinetics of the aeration of ethylene oxide sterilized polymers using microwave radiation. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 23, 143-156. Gibson C., Matthews I.P., and Samuel A.H. (1989) A computerized model for accurate determination of ethylene oxide diffusion in sterilized medical supplies. Biomaterials, 10, 5, 343-348. Matthews I.P., Samuel A.H., Gibson C. (1989) Optimization of the ethylene oxide sterilization process. Journal of the Institute of Sterile Services Management, 1, 5, 4-7. Zhu Z, Gibson C., Samuel A.H. and Matthews I.P. (1993) Microwave cavity spectrometer for process monitoring of ethylene oxide sterilization. Review of Scientific Instruments, 64, 1, 103-108 Zhu Z, Gibson C., Samuel A.H. and Matthews I.P. (1993) Cavity modulation coupled with asynchronous source modulation in a microwave cavity spectrometer. Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, 14, 1, 32-37. Zhu Z, Gibson C., Samuel A.H. and Matthews I.P. (1993) Triple modulation technique applicable to microwave spectrometers with cavity gas cell. IEE Proceedings-H, 140, 2, 141-143. Zhu Z, Gibson C., Samuel A.H. and Matthews I.P. (1993) A gas monitoring system for ethylene oxide sterilizers with constant sample flow through a microwave cavity spectrometer. Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, 17, 4, 147-151. Zhu Z, Gibson C., Samuel A.H. and Matthews I.P. (1994) Measurement of gas concentrations by means of the power saturation technique in a microwave cavity spectrometer. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 43, 1, 86-89. Matthews I.P., Gibson C. and Samuel A.H. (1994) Sterilization of implantable devices. Clinical Materials, 15, 3, 191-215. Powell A., Gibson C., Spark P., Truran R., Roberts D. and McCarthy J. (1995) Electronic infusion devices and their use in an acute hospital. Pharmaceutical Journal. 25 November. R4. Powell A., Gibson C., Spark P., Truran R., Roberts D. and McCarthy J. (1997) Improving safety in the use of intravenous infusion devices. Pharmaceutical Journal. 8 November. R17. Gibson C., McCarthy J., Powell A., Roberts D. Spark P., and Truran R. (1998) Minimising clinical risk in the use of active intravenous infusion devices. British Journal of Intensive Care, 8, 4, 114-119. Ellison, B. Gibson, C. Grant, N.A. Hyland, G.T. Magee, J.T. Pooley, D. Stewart, B. (1999) An investigation into the non-thermal biological effects and medical applications of microwave radiation. Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 1999. SBMO/IEEE MTT-S, APS and LEOS - IMOC `99. International, 1, 57-62. ISBN 0-7803-5807-4 Pooley D. T., Ellison B., Gibson C., Stewart W.R. (2001) A cell-culture exposure system for millimetric wavelength radiation. Proceedings of the European Conference on Wireless Technology. London. 27 September 2001. Pooley D. T., Gibson C., Stewart W.R. Magee J., Ellison B.N. and Lloyd D., (2003). Biological effects of millimeter-wave radiation: A high-throughput screening system. Review of Scientific Instruments, 74, 3, 1296-1302. 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Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology. 33, 8, 642-649. INVITED PAPERS Gibson C. Development of an integrated process parameter monitoring and control system to facilitate parametric release of medical supplies sterilized by ethylene oxide. Delivered to the Research in Sterilization and Infection meeting held by the Department of Health at the University of Bath, 26th March 1991. Gibson C. and McCarthy J. The safe use of infusion devices. Delivered to the Guild of Hospital Pharmacists National Weekend School held at the Cardiff International Arena, 12th April 1997. Gibson C. Measuring the non-thermal interaction of microwave radiation and electrostatic bonds in an organic system. Delivered to The Application of Terahertz Technology to Biology meeting held by the IFR Systemes Integres at the University of Rouen, 29th and 30th January 1998. Gibson C. Measuring the non-thermal interaction of microwave radiation and electrostatic bonds in an organic system. Delivered to The Applications & Exploitation of Microwave Space Core Technologies meeting held by the Astronomical and Geophysical Institute at the University of Sao Paulo, 8th and 9th Septemb




Supervised Students



Peiriannydd Clinigol Ymgynghorol, Pennaeth Gwasanaeth Limb ac Offer Artiffisial Peirianneg Adsefydlu (ALAS) - Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Caerdydd a'r Fro 08.10.98 - presennol

Prif ddyletswyddau a chyfrifoldebau

  • Gwyddonydd Gofal Iechyd Pennaeth Gwasanaeth Peirianneg Adsefydlu.
  • Arweinydd Gwyddor Gofal Iechyd ALAS ar gyfer 60 o wyddonwyr, ymarferwyr a chymdeithion/cynorthwywyr.
  • ALAS Ansawdd a Diogelwch ac Arweinydd Reasearch a Datblygu.
  • Cadeirydd Grŵp Proffesiynol Ffiseg Feddygol a Pheirianneg Glinigol Prifysgol Caerdydd a'r Fro.


  • Gweithredwyd ad-drefnu llwyddiannus o wasanaethau peirianneg adsefydlu 1998-9.
  • Cychwynnwyd a datblygwyd y cwrs Meistr Gwyddoniaeth cyntaf yn y DU mewn Peirianneg Glinigol o 1998.
  • Uwch Gymrawd Ymchwil Anrhydeddus ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd ers 2001.
  • Cadeirydd Cyngor RESMaG 2003-5 a 2015-17.
  • Tystysgrif Sefydliad Arweinyddiaeth a Rheolaeth mewn Rheoli Gofal Iechyd Cymhwysol (2006).
  • Aelod o Grŵp Cynghori Peirianneg IPEM 2006-2014 a dyfarnwr JMET ers 2008.
  • Cadeirydd Gweithgor Addysg a Hyfforddiant RESMaG 2007-2020 sy'n arwain ar Moderneiddio Gyrfaoedd Gwyddonol ar gyfer peirianneg adsefydlu Inc. cyd-awduro HSST CBE Cwricwlwm.
  • Athro Gwadd mewn Peirianneg Adsefydlu ym Mhrifysgol Coventry 2010-2013.
  • Is-lywydd: Proffesiynol IPEM 2012-2015 ac aelod UKAS MPACE TAC ers 2017.
  • Arholwr allanol ar gyfer Peirianneg Biofeddygol Glinigol DClinSci ym Mhrifysgol Manceinion 2017-2022.
  • Gwyddonydd Clinigol Ymgynghorol (CS00841; HSSR ID: 1858), CEng, FIPEM, FIET a FAHCS.

Cyfarwyddwr, Cymtox Cyf, Canolfan Technoleg Busnes Caerdydd 02.06.04 – 23.02.06

Rheolwr Gyfarwyddwr, MRBP Research Limited Sefydliad Peirianneg Feddygol a Ffiseg Feddygol Prifysgol Caerdydd 18.07.01 - 16.11.05

Prif ddyletswyddau a chyfrifoldebau

  • Rheolwr Gyfarwyddwr ac Ysgrifennydd Cwmni cwmni deillio o'r GIG/prifysgol.
  • Arweinydd y Rheolwr Ymchwil a Datblygu ac Eiddo Deallusol.


  • Wedi denu buddsoddiad o dros £500,000 o ffynonellau amrywiol.
  • Dechrau busnes llwyddiannus, arddangos prawf o egwyddor a ffeilio patentau.
  • Trwyddedu Eiddo Deallusol yn llwyddiannus a chyflwyno Contractau Ymchwil a Datblygu gan gynnwys arwain tîm ymchwil i brawf o gysyniad llwyddiannus o ddyfais Cymtox.
  • gwerthu pob hawl fasnachol yn llwyddiannus i drydydd parti.

Peiriannydd Clinigol - Ffiseg Feddygol a Pheirianneg Glinigol Ysbyty Prifysgol Cymru Iechyd Ymddiriedolaeth GIG 07.09.93 - 07.10.98

Prif ddyletswyddau a chyfrifoldebau

  • Cynghorydd Diogelu Laser.
  • Cefnogaeth wyddonol a thechnegol ar gyfer y Gwasanaeth Rheoli Offer Meddygol.
  • Cydlynydd Iechyd a Diogelwch y Gyfarwyddiaeth ar gyfer safle Ysbyty Athrofaol Cymru.


  • Gwobr Ansawdd y Cadeirydd 1997 - Gwella Diogelwch Trwythiadau Mewnwythiennol.
  • Cychwyn a datblygu'r Gwasanaeth Cynghori ar Ddiogelu Laser.
  • Cychwyn a datblygu rhaglenni hyfforddi ar gyfer defnyddwyr offer meddygol.
  • Cychwyn a datblygu gweithdrefnau a pholisi'r Ymddiriedolaeth ar gyfer defnyddio dyfeisiau trwyth yn ddiogel.
  • Cydlynu canlyniad llwyddiannus arolygiad iechyd a diogelwch o Gyfarwyddiaeth gan HSE.
  • Tystysgrif Cymhwysedd i Ymarfer a Chynghori mewn Diogelu Ymbelydredd (IPEM).
  • Aelod Corfforaethol o'r Sefydliad Ffiseg a Pheirianneg mewn Meddygaeth.
  • Adolygiad llwyddiannus o wasanaethau peirianneg adsefydlu a ddarparwyd gan Gyfarwyddiaeth 1997-8.

Swyddog Ymchwil - Grŵp Technoleg Iechyd yr Amgylchedd Coleg Meddygaeth Prifysgol Cymru 01.11.84 - 31.08.93

Prif ddyletswyddau a chyfrifoldebau

  • Ymchwil a datblygu technoleg arloesol gyda'r nod o sicrhau atebion technegol ymarferol a masnachol hyfyw i broblemau mesur a rheoli sy'n arbennig o berthnasol i faes iechyd yr amgylchedd.


  • Dangos rhyngweithiad nad yw'n thermol o ficrodonnau â bondiau electrostatig yn llwyddiannus.
  • Proses desorption microdon datblygu.
  • Sbectromedr microdon datblygedig ar gyfer monitro proses/elifiant ethylen ocsid.
  • Dyluniwyd sbectromedr microdon cylchdro moleciwlaidd ar gyfer monitro ansawdd aer.
  • Cyd-awdurodd gais llwyddiannus am grant gan ennill £150,000 gan yr Adran Iechyd a cheisiadau ymchwil contract gan ennill £250,000 gan 3M a Griffiths Micro-wyddoniaeth.
  • Enillydd rhanbarthol (Cymru a Gogledd Iwerddon) a chyrhaeddodd rownd derfynol Gwobr Blwyddyn Dyfeisio Toshiba 1991 fel cyd-ddyfeisiwr Monitor Gwahaniaethol Amser Poblogaeth Legionella.

Gradd Sylfaenol Ffisegydd - Adran Ffiseg Feddygol Rhanbarthol Ysbyty Cyffredinol Newcastle 01.10.81 - 02.10.83

  • Dylunio, adeiladu a phrofi offer trydanol meddygol i gydymffurfio â BS 5724.
  • Ymgymryd â sganiau camerâu gama a radiopharmaceuticals dosbarthu.
  • Cwblhau cyfnod hyfforddi dwy flynedd yn llwyddiannus.