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Edel Anabwani

Ms Edel Anabwani

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Sgwâr Canolog, Caerdydd, CF10 1FS


Edel has worked for the Kenya Broadcasting as a Television and Radio (Continuity Announcer) News producer, Environmental, Children's, Entertainment, Outside Broadcasts, Arts/Culture producer, presenter and Director.

What role can the media (New Media) play in ensuring the majority in (Kenya) society are honoured and empowered in the political campaign processes.  Activism is not new but the polarization of news has given it a whole new dimension. I hope to enable the Kenyan public to be empowered with a high level of media literacy, accountability and responsibility. The main focus of Kenya is primarily driven by my own background and experiences as a Kenyan.


Edel's PhD proposal aims to demonstrate how the characteristics of New media and activism can be harnessed to further the goals of collective political actions, while also bearing in mind the significance of cultural and historical context. It will examine both primary and secondary sources and highlight the inherently dialectical nature of mainstream and alternative media, with the aim of avoiding a deterministic perspective that characterizes media as a force for liberation or oppression. The Research Agenda is to study how political parties could benefit from Social Media by reinventing and improving the way they work with their members and the public.

My research interests focus on Social media, civil society, disinformation, misinformation, Kenyan media, African media, social network analysis, digital methods, News polarization, False News.


Escalating Success of Digital Media, Fragmentation, Misinformation and Activism: The Kenyan Elections and Campaign Case Study