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Linhao Chen

Mr Linhao Chen

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As a graduate of MA urban design, I am interested in the evolution of urban public space and political economic geography. For example, how does the government intervene in the transformation of urban space? What is the social significance of this process? In my current doctorate, I am exploring Chinese Art districts’ spatial formation and restructuring under the state intervention.


2019 MA Urban Design, Cardiff University, UK

2018 BE Landscape Architecture, Anhui Jianzhu University, China


  • Urban public space
  • Government participation in socialist countries
  • Urban Cultural Policies
  • Chinese Art Districts

In his doctoral research, Linhao is working on a new governance framework to solve the problems that arise during the development of the Chinese art districts. Since the Chinese government has identified cultural policy as an important method of urban renewal, the contradiction between government participation and the organic development of the art districts has gradually expanded. The disappearing art atmosphere and the increasing commercialization in art districts have become the key of political and academic agendas. At the same time, it also inspired the exploration of new government governance mechanisms to build more sustainable art districts.

Linhao is participating in these political processes through field observation and trying to solve: What factors and actors motivate the development of art districts? How art districts valued the place in the level of political economy geography? How has the government's participation affected the spatial shaping of the art districts? How to balance the connection between "art atmosphere", "government participation" and "commercialization" in Chinese art districts? To draw out key theoretical and policy implications with regards to art district, urban culture, and people-centred urban development strategies and policies.


Oleg Golubchikov

Oleg Golubchikov

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