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Chenhang Lyu

Dr Chenhang Lyu

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I am a PhD student with strong interests in geochemistry and sediment provenance analysis, currently focusing on volcaniclastic deposits from foreland basins in the western and southern Alps. I have been doing research on provenance analysis since I was a master student (3 yrs in total) majoring in Sedimentology in China and became interested in matching the sources of sedimentary rocks by using lithologic, petrographic and geochemical methods.


My current research focuses on the volcano-sedimentary processes in the western Alps. The relationship between the Eocene-Oligocene volcanism and Alpine foreland sedimentary basin deposits with rich volcanic fragments has been debated for a long time, and this question also arouses my interests. I am confident I can go further by standing on the shoulder of previous excellent researchers.


Constraining orogenic volcanism in the Alps using Taveyannaz Sandstone from North Alpine Foreland Basins



Year 2 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy


David Buchs

David Buchs

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