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Felix Shi

Dr Felix Shi

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Cunqiang is a Chinese PhD researcher who is interested in disability studies, especailly the employment issues of disabled people. He has completed his MSc. human Resource Managment and MSc. Social Science Research Method at Cardiff University. As a disabled person himself, he has gained first hand empircal experience in the Chinese and UK context. This gives him an opportunity to compare and analyse the appraoches of advocatiing equal rights taken by the two nations.

Cunqiang welcomes all enquries and suggestions regarding his current PhD project which focuses on the social-ecnomic transition in China and its impact on disabled people's work and employment. In particular, he is inclined to adopt the historical materilist appraoch to explain the ecnomic changes from the planned state dominate economy to market economy.  


My research topic is about disabled people’s employment experience in the territories of China. I found it fascinating to see how disabled people’s employment are different in terms of their residence areas. For example, a disabled person who lives in a urban city in the east coast may experience significantly differently from a disabled person who lives in a rural cottage in the west mountains. This social-economic and potentially ideological difference makes China an interesting country to be investigated in terms of disability issues, and other social-political topics.

My research will be drawn on the works done by disability scholars in the past three decades, namely the medical/individual model of disability, social model of disability, critical disability studies, etc. I will also explore the ancient and current philosophical underpin of Chinese people and look into how Chinese citizens regard disability.


Being left behind? An investigation of the impact of economic and social change on disabled people's employment in regions within China


Current postgraduate research tutor on following modules:

double semester: People in Organisations (BS1529) - first year undergraduate business management students 

Other teaching commitments:

PhD tutor at the Brilliant Club - a charity organises PhD researchers to share their knowledge with 9-14 years old pupils. 


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