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Grace Thomas

Ms Grace Thomas

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Main Roles and Responsibilities:

I am Professional Head of Midwifery Education and Lead Midwife for Education at Cardiff University. My passion is to help women achieve a positive birth experience, regardless of the type of birth, and to enable students and midwives alike to have the skills and confidence to safely support women in their achievement of this. I have presented widely across the UK and internationally and was joint recipient of the RCM Excellence in Education Award in 2011 for the Medicines & Midwives (MaM) project.

Academic Interests:

Joint lead for All Wales initiative to produce on-line training module for midwives on perinatal mental health (Chair of All Wales Perinatal Mental Health Forum)

Currently working with RCM to develop on-line training for numeracy skills for midwives

Member of Wales Midwifery 20:20 $acirc;  Core Role of the Midwife$acirc;   work stream & Wales representative on Scotland $acirc;  Public Health$acirc;   work stream

Lead for developing Maternity Pathway using the Map of Medicine

Member of review team for Safer Childbirth (RCOG / RCM / RCOP / RCOA)

Member of NMC Essential Skills Cluster (normality) for review of undergraduate midwifery curriculum

Journal reviewer for BJM and AJM

International and national conference speaker

Winner of Heads of Midwifery Advisory Group Award 2007 for partnership working.













Research activity / interests

Chair of All Wales Midwifery and Reproductive Health Research Forum

Peer reviewer for 29th Triennial Congress International Confederation of Midwives, June 2011, Durban South Africa

Joint lead researcher on $acirc;  Mapping Maternity Care & Outcomes in Wales$acirc;   project (funded by Royal College of Midwives  £6K)

Joint lead applicant $acirc;   achieved  £10K CELT Grant for $acirc;  Medicines & Midwives$acirc;   project November 2009 $acirc;   awarded RCM Excellence in Midwifery Education Award in 2011 for this work

Research: Centre Collaborator / Principal Investigator for SELAN Trial (international RCT on latent phase of labour led by University of Toronto)

Principal Investigator for HELP Trial (led by SEWTU)

Waterbirth Research Development Group collaborator (CYPP Research Network)

Health Professions Wales Research Training Fellowship 2005-2006

Member of Cochrane review body for Cochrane proposal on perineal cooling

Research on membrane sweeping

MSc Research on the Expectant Father


I currently lead two modules on the Bachelor of Midwifery (Hons) programme and contribute to all other modules. My teaching expertise lies within the promotion of normal birth and public health related to midwifery, health promotion, perinatal mental health, leadership and current strategic issues within maternity care.

I am leading the development of a new Future Midwife Cardiff 24 (FMC24) midwifery curriculum in the School. I was a member of the NMC Thought Leadership Group for the development of the new Future Midwife standards (NMC, 2019) and one of 4 UK midwives on the writing and finalisation group led by Prof Mary Renfrew.

I have spent time in Oman teaching on a Community Health BSc programme, I led a Midwifery education and simulation project as part of Cardiff University Phoenix Project in Namibia and have undertaken work in Malta on the promotion of normal birth.

I was recipient of the RCM Excellence in Midwifery Education Award in 2011 for the development of an innovative interactive workshop on medicines administration in midwifery (MaM workshop).

I jointly led the development of an on-line / DVD Learning Module for Midwives on Perinatal Mental Health on behalf of the All Wales Perinatal Mental Health Group. http://www.beatingbipolar.org/perinataltraining/

I am External Examiner at City, University of London and University of Limerick.


Aelodaethau proffesiynol

Member of Royal College of Midwives

Member of Consultant Nurse Midwife Allied Health Professional Cymru group

Past Chair of RCM Consultant Midwives Group Cymru