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Professor David Miers

Emeritus Professor

School of Law and Politics


LL.B, LL.M. (Leeds), D.Jur. (Osgoode Hall, Toronto); LL.D (Cardiff).  David was appointed Professor of Law in 1992.  Between 1992-2000 he was Director of the Centre for Professional Legal Studies at Cardiff, between 2000-2004 Deputy Head and 2004-2005 Acting Head of the Law School.  He previously held appointments at the Queen's University, Belfast and in Cardiff. In 1981-82 he was Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford. He has written extensively on the formulation and interpretation of legislation, and is co-author, with William Twining, of How to Do Things with Rules (Cambridge UP, 5th ed. 2010). Between 2001-2004 he held an AHRB award (rated 'outstanding') that supported Wales Legislation Online, a database run from the Law School that detailed the devolved functions of the National Assembly for Wales. Between 2008 and 2011 he was Chairman of the Study of Parliament Group.

Following his time in Oxford David undertook research on the legal regulation of commercial gambling, publishing extensively and giving many conference papers here and in North America and Europe. His book, Regulating Commercial Gambling (Oxford UP, 2004), was described as 'magisterial' in its command of the subject. Between the 1980s and the 2000s he was a Special Adviser to a number of parliamentary select committee enquiries into gambling, and until 2018 he was Deputy Chair of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board, appointed by the Gambling Commission in 2009.  

David also has a long-standing research interest in crime victim compensation and more generally in the place of the victim in the criminal justice system. Until 2010 he was an Editor of the International Review of Victimology, and during this time was engaged in a number of research projects on restorative justice for the Home Office and the European Commission. Much of that research was presented in conferences here and in Europe. He continues to publish articles in these areas; his book Compensation for Criminal Injuries was published in 2018 ((Oxford UP).


David holds an award of £40,000 from the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government to support Wales Legislation on Line.


David is Honorary Treasurer of the Society of Legal Scholars.

Professional memberships

Government Committee
Member and Deputy Chairman of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (DCMS) May 2009

Membership of Organisation
Member of the Academic and Expert Board of the Research Program on Gambling Law at the University of Dec 2009
Affiliate Member, Centre for Research into the Social Impact of Gambling, University of Plymouth