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Gordon Hughes

Professor Gordon Hughes

Emeritus Professor

School of Social Sciences


Gordon Hughes was a graduate and research student at the University Of Leicester’s Sociology Department (1971-78).  He has degrees in Sociology, Criminology and Social Policy, and Socio-Legal Studies.  Before joining Cardiff School of Social Sciences in 2006, he was Professor of Criminology at The Open University.  Since retiring in 2017, he has been Professor Emeritus here at Cardiff. He is currently editor of the Routledge book series ‘Crime, Security and Justice’.  Gordon has recently completed a monograph entitled Crime, Violence and Modernity: Connecting Classical and Contemporary Practice in Sociological Criminology (2022, Routledge) in which he argues for an intellectual rapprochement between core concerns of classical sociology and contemporary criminological practice (for further details see:



*Sociology of civilizing and decivilizing processes
*Sociological criminology of violence
*Classical sociology and the contemporary criminological imagination
*Comparative criminology
*Crime prevention, youth justice and community safety
*Urban security expertise in Europe



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