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David E Evans

Professor David E Evans

Honorary Distinguished Professor

School of Mathematics

Abacws, Room , Senghennydd Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4AG
Welsh speaking


Research interests

I work in operator algebras and applications and connections with K-theory, dynamical systems, statistical mechanics and conformal quantum field theory.

Administrative duties



































  • Araki, H., Carey, A. and Evans, D. E. 1984. On O_{n+1}. Journal of Operator Theory 12(2), pp. 247-264.



  • Evans, D. E. 1980. A review on semigroups of completely positive maps. Presented at: Congress of the International Association of Mathematical Physics, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 1979Proceeding of Conference of International Assoc. of Math. Physics. pp. 400-406.








Research interests

David E Evans has published with Yasuyuki Kawahigashi a monograph Quantum Symmetries on Operator Algebras - the combinatorial and physical aspects of operator algebras (see here for the list of updates/corrections). This is a continuation of the work of Evans in his previous collaborations with Araki and Lewis on a C*-algebra approach to phase transitions in the two-dimensional Ising model. Evans also has interests in the study of amenable C*-algebras by K- theoretic or topological invariants, e.g. the expression of finite amenable simple C*- algebras as the inductive limit of simpler building blocks - Elliott and Evans expressed the irrational rotation algebras as inductive limits of circle algebras. There is much interchange of ideas from amenable subfactors and amenable C*-algebras in this work (e.g. through common ideas from orbifolds and Rokhlin properties of automorphisms). Recent work has focused on the study of modular invariant partition functions through subfactors and twisted equivariant K-theory – the latter being a programme of research with Terry Gannon.


Video Talks


Quantum Symmetries on Operator Algebras with Yasuyuki Kawahigashi published by Oxford University Press. Here are the Updates/Corrections to the volume and some reviews by:

Research Responsibilities since 2000

  • Co-organiser with S.L.Woronowicz of session on Operator Algebras and Non-commutative Geometry, Congress of International Association of Math. Physics, London, July 2000
  • Member of Scientific Organising Committee of workshop on Modular Invariance, ADE, Subfactors, and Geometry of Moduli Spaces, Kyoto, November 2000
  • Member of the University of Warwick Mathematics Research Centre Steering Committee, 2000-2005
  • Coordinator of EPSRC Network ABC-KLM on Algebraic Geometry, Boundary Conformal Field Theory and Noncommutative Geometry, 2001-2004
  • Coordinator of EU Network in Quantum Spaces-Noncommutative Geometry, 2002-6
  • Co-organiser of LMS regional meeting on Mathematical Physics, Gregynog, November 2002
  • Chairman, Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Steering Committee 2002-2005
  • Mathematical Physics Cluster Coordinator, Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, 2007-2011
  • Co-ordinator of EU Network in Noncommutative Geometry, 2007-2011
  • Organiser of EU Research Training Network Focused Semester on Noncommutative Geometry and Physics, Feb - July 2010
  • Organiser of LMS Spitalfields meeting on Noncommutative Geometry and Physics, Cardiff, May 2010
  • Organiser of LMS regional meeting on Operator Algebras and Mathematical Physics, Cardiff, June 2010
  • Organiser of first Frontiers Lecture of the Learned Society of Wales, Cardiff, July 2010 by Dan Voiculescu and subsequent lectures by Sir Michael Atiyah (2011), Alain Connes and Lyn Evans (2012), Sir Vaughan Jones (2013)
  • Co-organizer, with Nigel Higson and Shahn Majid of Newton Institute - WIMCS meeting on Noncommutative Geometry, Cardiff April 2012
  • Chairman of Scientific Committee of XXth Oporto Meeting on Geometry and Physics, July 2012
  • Member of Scientific Organizing Committee, Workshop on Gauge Theory and Noncommutative Geometry,  June 2012, Luxembourg
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Committee of LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop on Quantum Probabilistic Symmetries, Aberystwyth, September 2012
  • Reviewer for Romanian National Council for Scientific Research for 2012 National Call
  • Member of Appointments Panel for Accenture Associate Professorship in Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin 2013
  • Member of Scrutiny Committee for Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics for the Learned Society of Wales 2011-13
  • Member of the Council of the Learned Society of Wales, 2014-17.
  • Lead organiser of Newton Institute Programme on Operator Algebras: Subfactors and Applications, January-June 2017.

External funding since 2000

  • Royal Society-NATO fellowship for Dr Sergey Neshveyev (Kharkov) 2001
  • EPSRC Senior Visiting Fellowship for Prof F. Radulescu (Iowa) 2000/03 GR/M87896
  • LMS Regional Meeting – Wales – 2002
  • LMS Visit of V Manuilov, December 2003
  • EU TMR Network 2002-2006
  • EPSRC Senior Visiting Fellowship for Prof T. Gannon (Edmonton) 2004-2006 GR/580592/01
  • EU Research Training Network in Noncommutative Geometry EU-NCG with partners Bucharest, CNRS, Copenhagen, Dublin, ESI Vienna, Leuven, Munster, Odense, Oslo and Rome
  • EPSRC ABC-KLM Network in Algebraic Geometry, Boundary Conformal Field Theory and Noncommutative Geometry. GR/R36596/01
  • LMS Collaborative Award Scheme 3 with Aberystwyth and Swansea, 2008-09
  • LMS Spitalfields Meeting, 2010
  • LMS Regional Meeting and Workshop, 2010
  • EPSRC  award on The Haagerup subfactor, K-theory and conformal field theory, 2012-15 EP/J003352/1
  • EPSRC  2016-19 EP/N022432/1

Major conference talks since 2004



  • BA with first class honours: Oxford 1972
  • Msc: Oxford 1973
  • DPhil: Oxford 1975


University of Oxford

  • Junior Mathematical Prize, 1972
  • Senior Mathematical and Johnson Prizes, 1975

London Mathematical Society

  • Whitehead Prize 1989



Positions held

  • October 1975 - August 1976.  Research Scholar at the School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland.
  • August 1976 -   August 1977. Research Assistant at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Norway.
  • September 1977 - December 1977. Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • January 1978 - January 1979.  Research Fellow of the  Royal Society, under the European Exchange Programme, at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Copenhagen,Denmark.
  • January 1979 - March   1979. Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Mathematics, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • April 1979   - December 1979.  SRC Research Fellow at the School of Mathematics,  University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
  • January 1980 - September 1986. Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Warwick.
  • October 1986 -   September 198. Reader in Mathematics at the University of Warwick.
  • September 1987 - April 1998. Professor in Mathematics, University of Wales, Swansea.
  • May 1998 - to date.  Professor in Mathematics, Cardiff University
  • September 2007 - to date. Research Professor in the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Visiting positions

  • October 1979 - December 1979. Visitor to Sonderforschungsbereich 123, (Stochastische Mathematische Modelle), at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
  • August 1982 - December 1982. Visiting Fellow at the Department of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Studies, Australian   National University, Canberra, Australia.
  • December 1982 - April 1983. Guest Scholar at Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan. Supported by the Royal Society.
  • June 1983 -   August 1983.  Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics, University of Ottawa, Canada.
  • July 1985 - September 1985. Guest Scholar at Research  Institute for  Mathematical  Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan. Supported by SERC.
  • February 1989 - May 1989. Invited member, Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • July 1989 - September 1989.  Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Mathematical Analysis,  Australian National University,  Canberra, Australia.
  • September 1990 - May 1991. Guest Professor at Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan.
  • February - April 1999. Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Mathematics and Applications, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.
  • January - June 2017. Lead Organizer, Operator Algebras: Subfactors and Applications, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge University
  • Septembrer - October 2019  JSPS Invitational Fellow, Kyoto University
  • February - May 2020 Research Professor  MSRI Berkely