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Eluned Morgan

Honorary Professor

School of Law and Politics


Eluned Morgan, is an Honorary Distinguished Professor in the Cardiff School of European Studies and has recently been elevated to the House of Lords. Professor David Boucher said 'Eluned's elevation to the House of Lords is a fitting recognition of her outstanding success as an MEP. The upper chamber will benefit considerably from her presence. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with her in her capacity within the School. Baroness Morgan has spoken at a number of research seminars in the Cardiff School of European Studies including a lecture on 'What's left of the left in Europe?' and has spoken to Politics undergraduate students on the work of an MEP.

Eluned Morgan was elected as the youngest MEP of the European Parliament in 1994 and served a full three terms before stepping down at the 2009 election. She became one of the most experienced MEPs in Europe, with vast experience in relation to specific policy sectors - such as energy - and more generally in terms of the institutional evolution of the European parliament over a critical 15 year period. Ms Morgan was Labour European spokesperson on Energy Industry and Science and she authored the European Parliament position on the Energy Green Paper and the Electricity Directive. In relation to Wales, Eluned was a key driving force in the parliament in the decisions that helped Wales obtain £2.2 billion of European Funding for West Wales and the Valleys (Convergence funding). Eluned Morgan has also been a highly influential figure in terms of the history of Welsh politics. Thus, she was appointed by the Secretary of State to be a Member of the National Assembly Advisory Group, establishing the Rules of the Welsh Assembly. She was a key member of the Yes For Wales cross party group campaigning for the Welsh Assembly.

Baronness Morgan is now employed by SWALEC, a company that is very keen to look at opportunities for closer collaboration in innovation and Research and Development in Wales.