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Huw Pryce

Professor Huw Pryce

Honorary Professor

School of History, Archaeology and Religion


Huw Pryce held the Chair of Welsh History at Bangor University, where he is now Professor Emeritus.

He has published widely both on the history of medieval Wales, including an edition of the charters, letters and other documents issued by native Welsh rulers 1120–1283, and on the historiography of Wales, the subject of his most recent book, Writing Welsh History: From the Early Middle Ages to the Twenty-First Century (OUP, 2022).

He is also co-editor of the Welsh History Review, one of the editors of the book series Studies in Celtic History (Boydell) and Rethinking the History of Wales (University of Wales Press), and a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.


Contributions to current research projects

Co-Investigator, ‘Inventor of Britain: The Complete Works of Humphrey Llwyd’ (AHRC):

See also The Conversation, 23 August 2018:

Author of a chapter on the representation of Wales in the Gough Map in a forthcoming volume arising from the project, ‘Understanding the Medieval Gough Map through Physics, Chemistry and History’ (Leverhulme Trust):

One of the advisers for ‘The Writings of Gerald of Wales’ project, which will publish authoritative new editions of most of Gerald’s works (Leverhulme Trust):

Editorships and memberships of editorial boards

  • Co-Editor, Welsh History Review.
  • Co-Editor of the book series Rethinking the History of Wales (University of Wales Press).
  • One of the General Editors of the monograph series, Studies in Celtic History (Boydell).
  • Member, Editorial Boards of the journals Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies, Journal of Religious History, Literature and Culture, and Studia Celtica Posnaniensia.



  • 1993   Native Law and the Church in Medieval Wales (Oxford: Clarendon Press).  Pp. xvi + 292.
  • 1996 (Co-editor with Nerys Ann Jones)  Yr Arglwydd Rhys [The Lord Rhys] (Cardiff: University of Wales Press).  Pp. xxii + 230.
  • 1996    (General Editor)  K. L. Maund, Handlist of the Acts of Native Welsh Rulers 1132-1283 (Cardiff: University of Wales Press).  Pp. xxxiv + 165.
  • 1998    (Editor) Literacy in Medieval Celtic Societies (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature 33; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).  Pp. xiii + 297.
  • 2005    (Editor, with the assistance of Charles Insley)  The Acts of Welsh Rulers, 1120–1283 (Cardiff: University of Wales Press).  Pp. lvi + 902; repr. with corrections (UWP, 2010).
  • 2006    Tywysogion [Princes] (with contributions by R. W. Jones and S. Smith) (Cardiff: Hughes a’i Fab/S4C).  Pp. 167.
  • 2007    (Co-editor with John Watts)  Power and Identity in the Middle Ages: Essays in Memory of Rees Davies (Oxford: Oxford University Press).  Pp. xii + 283.
  • 2011    J. E. Lloyd and the Creation of Welsh History: Renewing a Nation’s Past (Cardiff: University of Wales Press). Pp. xvii + 277.
  • 2013    (Co-editor with Neil Evans), Writing a Small Nation’s Past: Wales in Comparative Perspective, 1850–1950 (Farnham: Ashgate). Pp. xiii + 391.
  • 2022 Writing Welsh History: From the Early Middle Ages to the Twenty-First Century (Oxford: Oxford University Press). Pp. xxiii + 482.

Articles and Chapters

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  • 1981–2021, Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer and Reader, in History, and (from 2005) Professor of Welsh History, Bangor University
  • 1993, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
  • 2011, Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales
  • 2012, Member of the Commission internationale de diplomatique, Comité international des Sciences historiques
  • 2021, Honorary Professor, School of Archaeology, History and Religion, Cardiff University