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Paul Meara

Professor Paul Meara

Honorary Professor, Centre for Language and Communication Research

School of English, Communication and Philosophy


Research Interests

Vocabulary Acquisition, Mental Lexicons, Simulations of Lexical Processes, Bibliometrics.

Selected Publications

Connected words: word associations and second language vocabulary acquisition. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 2009.

'The Bibliometrics of Vocabulary Acquisition: An Exploratory Study.' RELC Journal 43(2012), 7-22.


Paul's current research is mainly concerned with  bibliometrics, and the way bibliographic tools can be used to make sense of  messy research fields. He is also working on Boolean Network models of mental  lexicons, with a view to simulating features of real lexicons such as  vocabulary loss and attrition.

His research is documented in greater detail on his web site.

This site contains a very large bibliographic data base,  a set of computer programs for vocabulary researchers, and a small virtual  library. The site also contains details of the lognostics research grant program.


Paul read Modern Languages at Cambridge University and  Experimental Psychology at Sussex University. He was awarded a DPhil at York  University in 1980.

He was a founder member of the Department of Applied  Linguistics at Birkbeck College London, and Professor in the Department of  English at Swansea University until his retirement in 2009.

Paul was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Chartered  Institute of Linguists in 2010, and elected to the Academy of Social Sciences  in 2012.

Since 2008 he has represented the Sketty division on Swansea City Council.