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Russell Davies

Professor Russell Davies

Honorary Distinguished Professor

School of Mathematics


Administrative duties

  • Financial Matters/Financial Plan
  • Management of School
  • Staff Appraisal and Development
  • Strategic Plan/Annual Report
  • Teaching Loads
  • Chair of the School Management Committee
  • Member of School Admissions Committee
  • Member of School Research Committee
  • Member of School Staff/Student Panel
  • Member of School Teaching and Learning Committee


Research interests

  • Inverse problems in  materials characterization.
  • Numerical inversion of integral transforms.
  • Mechanics of time-dependent materials.
  • Mathematical problems in imaging science
  • Computational partial differential equations.

Research group

External funding since 2000

  • 2000-02: The computation of complex industrial  EPSRC   £49,800 non-Newtonian flows -JREI
  • 2000-4:   Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of  Leaf(UK) Confectionery Manufacture -EPSRC       £38,500
  • 2000-3:     Complex fluids and complex flows. EPSRC £583,000 UWS/UWA Platform Grant
  • 2001:        Resource capital for complex fluids research HEFCW     £100,000
  • 2002-7:     Unilever Research Consultancy Unilever   £70,000
  • 2004-6:    SRIF2 Resource for Computational Fluid Dynamics HEFCW £650,000

Major conference talks since 2004

  • Aug 2004. Relating the Relaxation Spectrum to Wave Dispersion Data. VIIIth International Workshop on Time Dependent Materials, Bled.
  • Jan 2005. Wobble, Creep and Relaxation: Modelling Materials with Memory. SIAM UK-IE Meeting, Cork.
  • April 2005. Determining Creep and Relaxation Functions from a Single Experiment. AERC 2005, Grenoble.
  • October 2005. On Creep and Relaxation. Vth International Conference on Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials. Nagano,  Japan.
  • August 2006. Recent advances in Linear Viscoelasticity. IXth International Workshop on Time Dependent Materials. Portoroz.


  • MA0122 Algebra I



  • 1969 - BSc  Hons Mathematics and Physics, King's College, London
  • 1971 - MSc  (Mathematics), Oxford University, Balliol College
  • 1974 - D  Phil (Mathematics), Oxford University, Balliol College
  • Scholarships - Thomas  and Elizabeth Williams Scholar, 1970-73; Balliol College Graduate Award, 1971-1973


  • 1973-75: Atlas  Research Fellow in Mathematics, Pembroke College  Oxford and SERC  Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory
  • 1976-85: Lecturer  in Applied Mathematics, The University College of Wales,  Aberystwyth
  • 1984: Visiting  Fellow, Centre for Mathematical Analysis, Australian National   University
  • 1984:  Visiting  Scientist, Division of Mathematics and Statistics, CSIRO, Canberra
  • 1984-86:  Senior  Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, UCW, Aberystwyth
  • 1986: Visiting  Fellow, Centre for Mathematical Analysis, Australian National   University
  • 1986-90:  Reader  in Mathematics, UCW, Aberystwyth
  • 1990: Visiting  Fellow, Centre for Mathematical Analysis, Australian National   University
  • 1990-to date: Professor  of Mathematics, UCW, Aberystwyth (now UWA)
  • 1990:  Visiting  Fellow, Department of Mathematics, Melbourne   University
  • 1998:  Visiting Scientist, CSIRO Mathematical  and Information Sciences, Canberra
  • 2000:  Visiting Scientist, CSIRO Mathematical  and Information Sciences, Canberra
  • 2000-2003: Head of Department of  Mathematics, UWA
  • 2006: Visiting Scientist,  CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, Canberra
  • 2006-to date: Head  of the School of Mathematics,  Cardiff University

Editorial boards and advisory committees

  • Editorial Board: Inverse  Problems (1988-92)
  • Editorial Board: Numerical  Methods for Partial Differential Equations, 1992-
  • Council: British  Society of Rheology (1994 - 2000)
  • Scientific  Committee: Smith Institute for  Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering, 2000–2006
  • Scientific  Committee: KTN for Industrial  Mathematics 2007-


  • National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
  • Shell Research Limited, Thornton
  • RAPRA Technology, Shawbury
  • BICC Cables, Chester
  • Devro-Teepak Limited, Moodiesburn
  • Nestle Research Laboratory, Lausanne
  • Leaf UK,  Southport
  • Unilever UK, Port  Sunlight

Honours and awards

  • Annual Award, British Society of Rheology, 2005
  • President: Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, United Kingdom and Ireland, 2007-2009

Professional memberships

  • Institute of Mathematics  and its Applications (MIMA, CMath)
  • London Mathematical Society
  • British  Society of Rheology
  • SIAM