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Victoria Garcia Rocha

Dr Victoria Garcia Rocha

Honorary Fellow

School of Engineering

Queen's Buildings - West Building, Room W/2.28, 5 The Parade, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA


Dr Victoria Garcia Rocha is currently a Lecturer in Composites working in the area of carbon-ceramic composites. She holds a MEng degree in Chemical Engineering and PhD in Materials Science and over six years Postdoctoral Experience including an Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship at Imperial College London. Her expertise lies in the field of materials science, chemistry and engineering of carbon-based composite materials and ceramics. Her research interests are in the relationship between chemical structure and bulk properties of carbon materials, carbon-ceramic and ceramic composites, which enable the development of synthesis, scale up and processing technologies with the aim of finding new composite materials for different applications, primarily advanced structural materials and energy devices.


Engineers create graphene components using 3D printing


Victoria's lecturing expertise is mainly focussed on Mechanical  Engineering and Materials Science related topics.

Academic year 2016/2017

  • EN1048 - Engineering Applications.
  • EN1090 - Engineering Analysis
  • EN2024 - Mechanical Engineering Laboratories.
  • EN3100 - Year 3 Project MMM.
  • EN4101 - Mechatronics Design.


Education and qualifications

  • 2008: PhD Materials Science and Metallurgy Engineering.  Doctoral Thesis “Development of petroleum pitches for magnesia-carbon refractories”. National Institute of Coal. (INCAR-CSIC). University of Oviedo. (Spain)
  • 2001: MEng Chemical Engineering. University of Oviedo. (Spain)

Career overview

  • 2016: Lecturer in Composites, Cardiff University, UK
  • 2013-2016: Intra European Marie Curie Fellowship, Department of Materials. Imperial College London, UK.
  • 2012-2013: Research Associate, Chemical Engineering. University of Bath, UK
  • 2009-2012: Research Associate, ITMA Materials Technology, Asturias. Spain
  • 2008-2009: Quality and R&D Manager at SIDERCAL MINERALES SME. Spain

Professional memberships

Associate member of Spanish Carbon Group

Fellow of The Higher Education Academy, 2019