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Dr Fahad Alodhyani

Research student


I am currently a postgraduate student in the school of Computer Science and Informatics. My research area is about "password" and "password managers". 







A password is considered to be the first line of defence in protecting online accounts and data. However, there are problems when people handle their own passwords such as password reuse and writing it down. Password managers appear to be a promising solution to help people handle their passwords, but there is a low adoption of password managers even though it is widely available.

To increase the adoption of password managers, we investigated the issues that cause people not to use it and more generally, investigated what users think about them. Our recent finding shows that lack of trust and lack of transparency are the main reasons of low adoption of password managers while even those who do use password managers have trust and security concerns.

Our aim is to design a solution that increases trust in password managers, also, a solution that increases the adoption of password manager among non-users.