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Mr Adell Awaj

Research student

Welsh School of Architecture


Name: Adell Salem Emhemed Awaj

ID: Q1868091

Course: Postgraduate in Architecture (ARCHI)

Title: Enhancing the quality of urban public open spaces in Tripoli through soico-culturally sensitive design intervention.

Tel : 00447435214504    E-mail:

Previous Experience.

I worked in the Ministry of Housing Humanities back home in Libya. While in the this position I was lucky enough to oversee several residential project in term of design, such as the U,S,A, Chines and German companies in the field build residential units. Also Deputy manger of ADWA Zletin Company for General Contracting and Real-estate investment. From 13/03/2010 up to 18/12/2012. Therefore, Execution project engineer. Project of 126 Housing Units. Amamra area, Almerghib province for following up and approving the architectural layouts, samples laboratory tests and materials related to the project, from 02/06/2005 up to 25/04/2017. Member in supervising committee, project of 5000 housing units. Swawa area, Misurata city. This work experience confirmed that I was on the right path with my career plan and helped me to view the real business world and learn how to integrate with colleagues and management alike. My personal interest in urban design, particularly in urban spaces started when I was a student in the Department of Architecture Misurata University (Undergraduate Degree). I was studied at  School of Architecture, Design and the Build Environment  Nottingham Trent University (Master Degree) and then continue as a student of Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff University  (PHD degree) and I still studying until now. The most important thing to me is my future career and I belive that the Architecture to help me achieve my works.  



Title of research:

Enhancing the quality of urban public open spaces in Tripoli-Libya through soico-culturally sensitive design intervention.


Eshrar Latif

Eshrar Latif

Senior Lecturer