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I am a PhD candidate at Cardiff University, School of Journalism, Media and Culture.

My research focuses on the politics of digital disconnection, instrumentalisation and commodification of disconnectivity. 

My research project critically examines the discourses, practices, and objects of digital disconnection and how they find a basis in the material (political-economic) circumstances. I am analysing discourses in three fields: advice literature (websites, blogs), disconnective media (software and hardware), and individual narratives (Reddit). I critically reappraise the politics of disconnection based on material conditions that can – if not determine – establish the ground for discourse in the social process.  I develop the examination in the light of a series of critical literature that gives the insight to analyse meaning in relation to precarious work, secular work ethics, scientific management. I consider digital disconnection a significant example of CDA by combining post-structuralist and Marxist criticism. Finally, I examine individual discourses and practices of disconnection in relation to the changes in their media repertoires and uses – as a change in human practice – which is driven by either discursive or material conditions. I offer a new perspective to contribute to rethinking the concepts and theories of media use, such as polymedia, media repertoires, and uses and gratification.

Just before my PhD, I had my MA in  Cardiff University, School of Journalism, Media and Culture. I investigated the perception, attitudes and behaviours towards data collection and digital surveillance.