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Javier CortÉs OrtuÑo

Mr Javier CortÉs OrtuÑo

Research student

School of Modern Languages


I hold a bachelor's degree in Social Anthropology from Universidad de Chile and a master's degree in Latin American Literature from Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Before comming to Cardiff, I was working as a Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator at Universidad de Tarapacá.

My PhD studies are sponsored by the Becas Chile scholarship awarded by the Chilean Government.


  •          Latin American Literature
  •          Environmental humanities
  •          National romances
  •          Gender theory and masculinities
  •          Race and racism


Romance, otherness and nation building in Chilean literature about the desert northern regions (Tarapacá-Antofagasta), 1930-1960


Ryan Prout

Ryan Prout

Reader in Hispanic Studies

Joseph Whitfield

Joseph Whitfield

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Languages for All

Languages for All

18 January 2023