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I am a researcher of Roman frontier life, focusing on the Roman military communities and their surroundings in Late Antiquity. My key interests lie in the interactions between the soldiers present in Roman provinces, provincial populations, and the people living in proximity to the empire. In particular I enjoy exploring how this affected identity expression and political power structures. The transformation of the Roman world has always fascinated me, and I aim to improve understanding of the interactions between extra-territorial groups and the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity. My current approach concerns the influence of military officials on trans-frontier regions and how this impacted social structures and identity in these areas. I have studied Roman military equipment at both Undergraduate and Master's level prior to my current PhD research, and am hoping to advance these studies further in my PhD thesis.



BA Ancient History

MRes Late Antiquity


'Culture of Conflict? Trans-Rhenish Exchange and the Transformation of the "Roman World". Pons Aelius e-Journal, Newcastle University. pp.47-66.

Research Interests:

Late Antiquity

The Roman Army

Late Roman Army

Early Byzantium

Provincial life in the Roman Empire

Military Archaeology

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