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Dr Guanhua Qiu

Research student

Cardiff Business School


I am a PhD student in the Economic Section of Cardiff Business School, under supervison of Professor Patrick Minford and Dr Yongdeng Xu. 

I completed Bachelor  of Banking and Finance in 2015 and Master of International Economics and Banking Finance in 2016 in Cardiff  University.

I was honored with Sir Julian Hodge Prize in 2016 and Jualian Hodge Bursary from 2017.

My research interest includes:

  • Macroeconomics Modelling and Forcasting
  • Applied Trade Economics 


My research interest:

  • Macroeconomics Modelling and Forcasting
  • Macro Trade Economics 

My recent paper:

My teaching:

  • BST753 Quantitative Method (Tutorials)
  • BST754 International Banking (Tutorials)
  • BST756 Principle of Money Banking (Tutorials)
  • BST758 Empirical Finance (Tutorials)