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Eira Jepson

Miss Eira Jepson

Research student

Welsh speaking


I am a PhD student in the School of Modern Languages, undertaking applied research that evaluates and informs promotional  language learning initiatives in Wales, by exploring motivational factors in school-age learners. My PhD focuses on the pan-Wales Routes into Languages Cymru project, and is funded by the ESRC and sponsored by the British Council Cymru.

I studied a BA in French and Spanish at Cardiff University from 2008-2012, during which I spent a year abroad at La Universidad de Granada in Spain, and the L'Universite de Savoie, France. I completed a Masters in Social Science Research Methods in 2018.

I have previously worked in policy and communications roles in the third, public and private sector here in Wales and over in Brussels.

I am a doctoral student at the School of Modern Languages and am currently completing edrcyh research on pupils' motivation in Wales towards learning foreign languages in order to evaluate and update initiatives in Wales that promote this. My thesis focuses on the Pathways to Welsh Languages project, and is funded by the ESRC and sponsored by British Council Wales.

I completed a degree in French and Spanish from Cardiff University in 2012 during which I spent a year abroad in Spain and France. I received a Master's degree in Social Science Research Methodology in 2018.

I have worked in the past in the policy and communications area within the third sector and the public and private sector in Turin and over in Brussels.





My current research examines how outreach initiatives that aim to promote language learning influence motivation in pupils in schools in Wales. Using Routes into Languages Cymru as a primary case study, my PhD uses mixed methods to research motivation among Key Stage 3 pupils in Wales and how this changes through engagement with the project. This will then be compared with similar initiatives being implemented in other countries.

This research is being undertaken thanks to an ESRC Wales DTP Studentship, with fieldwork sponsored by British Council Cymru.

My PhD is being supervised by Professor Claire Gorrara (School of Modern Languages) and Professor Roger Scully (School of Politics).

My other research interests include:

  • Bilingualism and Multilingualism/Bi- and Multilingualism
  • MFL in primary education/MFL in primary education
  • Language policy/Language policy
  • Language teaching methodology/Language learning methodology
  • Multilingual identity/Multilingual identity


January 2019. Presentation to the Welsh Government's 'Global Futures' Steering Group. Building a multilingual learning environment at primary.

November 2018. Poster Presentation: Building a multilingual learning environment at primary. Conference: The Future of Educational Research in Wales.  BERA and Welsh Government.


2018/19 - Swansea University. French tutor (Welsh Medium)/French tutor (Welsh Medium). Modules taught - French Language (Year 1), French-Welsh Translation (Year 3), French for Professional Purposes (Year 3). 

2019/20 - Cardiff University. Tutor Seminar. Modules taught - Introduction to Translation Methods (French) (Year 1), National and Global Perspectives on France (Year 1). 

2019-2020 - Welsh for All Tutor, Cardiff University. 

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