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Simon Johns

Mr Simon Johns

Research student

School of Social Sciences


I am a researcher creating and evaluating digital wellbeing resources in education settings throughout Wales with a particular interest in the learning environment and how it influences how people feel and their motivation to learn.

My PhD work explores how, why and in what circumstances resources can be used and shaped to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.  With a background in psychology and a keen interest in holistic ways to wellness I am focussed on passing this information to our younger generations for a more resilient, sustainable future.  


My research focusses on creating and evaluating resources and initiatives so that they can be understood 'realistically' - understaning how, why, for whom and in what circumstances they work best, to support wider distribution and to help improve the mental health of our younger generation.  I am seeking to find out more from younger people about what they want and need around the theme of 'wellbeing'.  

I also have a keen interest in the architecture and learning environments of education settings and have been involved in producing and creating podcasts around this theme.


Understanding wellbeing and promoting it in secondary schools: A realist evaluation of 'PauseUP'

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