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Alice Jones

Miss Alice Jones

Research student


I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biology from the University of Bristol in 2017, having developed an interest in ecology and parasitology. My PhD, supervised by Prof Jo Cable and Dr Rachel Paterson, assesses the impacts of multiple stressors on host-parasite interactions.





The main focus of my research has been on the survival and reproduction of the symbiont Chaetogaster limnaei limnaei under the combined stressors of temperature change and water pollution. These symbiotic worms live on snail hosts and reportedly predate upon larval stages of parasitic trematode worms, interrupting a life cycle in which the parasites could otherwise go on to infect freshwater fish or birds.

I have also performed preliminary research into the effect of multiple stressors on trematode survival in Norway, and through fish dissection I am studying parasite abundance and diversity in a dwarf morph of Arctic charr, lost from a Norwegian system.

Overall through improved understanding of the impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater ecosystems, my work has relevance to both conservation and the aquaculture industry.


Joanne Cable

Joanne Cable

Head of Organisms and Environment Division, Masters Lead

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