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I am a SWW DTP funded doctoral student. My thesis compares the treaties of the Byzantine Empire with those of the Kingdom of England, between 900-1200 CE.

Research Interests:

  • English peacemaking and diplomacy
  • Byzantine peacemaking and diplomacy
  • Ecclesiastical authority and rulers' interaction with it
  • Religious rituals surrounding peacemaking
  • Redress and giftgiving in and surrounding treaties
  • The movement of exiles
  • Military service given between rulers in a treatymaking context


Research Networks:

I was previously an active committee member of the South West of England and Wales Late Antique, Early Medieval, and Byzantine Network. The Network hopes to link like minded reaserchers studying similar periods (300-1500 CE) across different diciplines. I helped organise the Network's first annual colloquium on identity on 22/05/2020. Due to Covid 19, this was adapted to an online event, but was still a fantastic day, with over 50 attendees.