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Jierui Wang

Mr Jierui Wang

Research student

Welsh School of Architecture


Jierui is a PhD student learning in Welsh School of Architecture. Jierui gained his master degree in engineering in Anhui Jianzhu University, China. His bachelor's degree was gained in Soochow University (China), majoring in Architecture. He joined the Welsh School of Architecture as a full-time PhD student in April 2019.

His research field were informal learning space and university campus before the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, his research field is aiming at virtual design studio and social interactions within it for architectural discipline. There are two of his papers have been published to provide more recognition for his research. He owned an honorable mention solely in China Architecture Education/ TSINGRUN Award Students’ Paper Competition, which was held by The National Supervision Board of Architectural Education (China), in 2014. Otherwise, as a candidate, he got the first prize of an architecture design competition hold by The Civil Engineering and Architecture Society of Anhui Province in 2016. In 2020, he has attended four international conferences and made presentations related to his research.


Informal learning spaces; Virtual architectural design studio; Social interactions within design studio


A study on how successfully social relationships within physical design studios are enabled within the virtual environment for architectural education


Hiral Patel

Hiral Patel

Lecturer in Architecture
Director of Engagement