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Mr Lloyd Watkins

Research student


Lloyd is a Political Theorist interested in the study of contemporary capitalism and universal basic income which is becoming evermore prevelant with rising automation, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. 

Lloyd completed an MSc [Econ] in Political Theory at Cardiff University with a thesis on 'An Analsyis of David Harvey's Crisis of Contempory Capitalism'. This analysis of capitalism and the research methodological skills gained from this study led him to develop a political theory framework on universal basic income and its potential in the UK. 


Lloyd is currently writing a thesis examining the potential for a Universal Basic Income in the UK. This research involves the analysis of contemporary capitalism from a Marxist perspective. The research endorses the political theory that rising automation, artifical intelligence amid the fourth industrial revolution has the potential to lead to a Universal Basic Income in the UK. The research looks to analyse, explore and understand the potential policy outcomes for a basic income in the UK.

Research interests include:

  • Contemporary Capitalism 
  • Marxist Economics
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Automation and A.I
  • Social Policy


Applying a Universal Basic Income in the United Kingdom