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Gili Diamant   PhD

Dr Gili Diamant



Teacher in Language and Linguistics

School of English, Communication and Philosophy

+44 29208 79480
John Percival Building, Floor 2, Room 2.14, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU


My research explores various aspects of variation and change in the English language.

Much of my work focuses on the English(es) spoken in Ireland and on grammatical variation within Irish English. I am interested in exploring the outcomes of language contact and the cognitive mechanisms underlying such processes. My other interests relate to grammatical constructions and their function in the discourse, especially in oral narratives.

My most recent work takes a Construction Grammar and cognitive approaches to analyzing the expression of the conceptual category of possession in Irish English, and the potential effects that Irish may have had on its variation from other English varieties. My work is corpus-based, looking at the speech of Irish English speakers in rural communities in the west of Ireland (Co. Clare). My current research explores periphrastic causative constructions in Irish English, focusing on the variation in the uses of the verbs HAVE and GET, as well as more uniquely-Irish causative verbs such as PUT. Another research strand explores the strucutre of oral narratives, looking at the pragmatic function of linguistic constructions in Irish English narratives (both in traditional storytelling and in contemporary contexts).

In 2022-2023 I worked as a research associate with Mercedes Durham (PI) on the project "Sociolinguistic Variation in South East Wales: Change and Contact" (funded by the Leverhulme Trust). The project explores similarities and differences in the varieties spoken in South East Wales as they arise from a recently-compiled corpus of Welsh English speech.





  • Diamant, G. 2017. The Irish English Adnexal and Construction. In: Bosson, N., Boud'hors, A. and Aufrere, S. eds. Labor Omnia Uicit Improbus: Miscellanea in Honorem Ariel Shisha-Halevy. Orientalia lovaniensia Analecta Peeters Publishers, pp. 519-544.


Adrannau llyfrau



Teaching in 2023-2024:

SE1111: Language and the Mind (seminar)

SE1113: How Language Works 1 (seminar)

SE1115: Developing English: History and Society (seminar)

SE1370: Words and Meaning (lecture & seminar)

SE1411: Sound, Structure and Meaning (lecture & seminar)



I hold a BA in Linguistics and English (2008), an MA in Linguistics (2011), and a PhD in Linguistics (2019) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. In 2014-2015 I was an Erasmus Mundus visiting scholar at University College Dublin, where I conducted my doctoral research at the archives of the National Folklore Collection.

Before joining Cardiff University in 2022, I taught courses on varieites of English and on Irish language at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In addition to my research in linguistics, I have conducted research relating to the Holocaust as part of my work for Yad Vashem (The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre) and The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets.


Professional memberships

Member of the Irish English Network