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Jonathan Gorard

Mr Jonathan Gorard

Researcher and Teaching Associate

School of Computer Science and Informatics

Abacws, Room Room 1.25, Senghennydd Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4AG


I'm a mathematician by training, but I'm interested very broadly in the interface between abstract computation and the foundations of physics and mathematics. In particular, much of my present research focuses on the application of category theory, topos theory and certain aspects of theoretical computer science to a diverse range of problems, including algorithmic models for the structure of spacetime, compositional foundations for quantum computation, higher-order type theories and the automation of mathematical reasoning, algebraic and compositional semantics for graph rewriting, Etc.

I run a small, multi-disiplinary and geographically-distributed research group working on applying the abstract principles of compositionality and functoriality to a variety of topics in science and technology. My published research comprises topics ranging from general relativity and quantum information theory to computational complexity theory and homotopy type theory, and has previously been showcased in publications including Forbes magazine, Wired magazine and Scientific American.


I support undergraduate and postgraduate teaching across a range of modules in the Schools of Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy and Computer Science & Informatics, with a particular focus on scientific computation, computational mathematics and theoretical computer science (especially algorithms, data structures and programming paradigms).

I also run two short extra-curricular lecture courses, namely Category Theory for Multicomputation and Computational Physics & the Wolfram Model, for any students (and others) who are interested in these areas of current research.