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Helen Jones

Dr Helen Jones


Senior Lecturer

School of Biosciences

+44 29208 74771
Sir Martin Evans Building, Room Cardiff School of Biosciences, The Sir Martin Evans Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX



My scientific interest and expertise is in the area of cell biology, specifically in the topics of cell signalling, cancer biology and programmed cell death. My speciality is the role of cell signalling in disease processes, with specific interest regarding dysregulated cell signalling mechanisms that lead to the development and progression of cancer. Such interests also encompass how cancer-related deregulated signalling can be therapeutically targeted using novel anti-cancer strategies.

Within my teaching and scholarship, my interests lie in promoting equality and diversity in learning and teaching.













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My particular research interests involves the role that growth factor signalling plays in promoting the growth and development of the cancer phenotype. Indeed, over-expression and activity of growth factor receptor signalling has been associated with advanced metastatic disease and both intrinsic and acquired resistance to anti-cancer treatments. My research has been concerned with investigating the role that signalling via receptors such as the epidermal growth factor receptor and insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor contribute to the growth of breast cancer cells resistant to the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen, as resistance to this treatment is a major clinical problem.

Complementing this area, my research has also included evaluating the ability of novel signal transduction modulator (STM) drugs to target deregulated growth factor signalling in tumour cells.

Currently, my teaching and scholarship research interests lie in equality and diversity of learning and teaching and peer evaluation and feedback. 


I am a Senior lecturer and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I also have a PostGraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

I am the Chair of the Year 2 Exam Board

Year 1:

Teaching includes cell biology and cell signalling,  and basic scientific skills such as laboratory numeracy and scientific communication.

Module lead for a 'Skills for Science' module and also an Assessment Lead in this module 

Year 2:

Subjects taught include cancer biology and specific aspects of cell biology such as cell cycle and cell death.

Assessment Lead for a 'Concepts of Disease' module

Year 3:

Subject specialisation of cancer biology and therapeutics at the cellular and molecular level.


After gaining a degree in Applied Life Sciences, I undertook my PhD. in Cell Biology in the Department of Zoology at Cardiff University, where I investigated the role of programmed cell death occurring during the metamorphosis of Drosophila melanogaster.

Several postdoctoral positions later, which encompassed the areas of toxicology, prostate cancer, calcium signalling and cell imaging, I returned to the field of cancer research, gaining an AstraZeneca funded position in the Tenovus Centre for Cancer Research in the Welsh School of Pharmacy in Cardiff  University. This position lasted 7 years, where I elucidated the mechanisms of de novo and acquired resistance to novel 'intelligent' anticancer therapies which target growth factor receptors and their signalling transduction cascades.

I subsequently joined the School of Biosciences in 2007 as a lecturer focussing on teaching and pedagogic scholarship. I obtained a PostGraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and went on to be one of the first few staff in Cardiff University to achieve Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.