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Rodolfo Da Silva  BA, MA (Santa Catarina), PhD (Cardiff) and AFHEA

Dr Rodolfo Da Silva

BA, MA (Santa Catarina), PhD (Cardiff) and AFHEA

Teacher in Portuguese


I am Associate Tutor in Portuguese in the School of Modern Languages in the Languages for All programme, and previously I was also University Teacher in Portuguese in the undergraduate programme at the School

I hold a PhD in Critical and Cultural Theory from Cardiff University.

I have researched and published on the interfaces between animality and textuality in Literary Studies, Philosophy, and Popular Culture.

For my PhD, I coined the term zoogrammatology to frame the thinking of "the animal question" via the early work of Jacques Derrida.

I am also active in the area of English for Academic Purposes, teaching Academic English to international students at Cardiff University and other institutions.

I maintain the website hir-iaith, a hub for technology tools for Welsh learners. The main functionality is hir-iaith Hi-lite, an online reading companion that analyses selected text on webpages and provides grammar information.














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I currently teach Portuguese in the Languages for All programme.

Previously, I taught Portuguese language modules in the undergraduate programme at the School, as well as final year lectures on Brazil.

I taught the following Year 1 seminars as a Postgraduate Tutor at Cardiff University's English Literature programme:

  • Introduction to Poetry and the Novel
  • Reading and Identity
  • Texts in Time: 1500-1800
  • Literature, Culture, Place
  • English in Theory and Practice
  • Drama: Stage and Page
  • Transforming Visions
  • Critical Reading and Critical Writing
  • Drama: Stage and Page

I also have experience teaching English for Academic Purposes to international students at UK universities.

I teach modules on Literary Studies at the Continuing and Professional Education department, such as Comedy, Tragedy and the Art of Living: Ancient Philosophy and Literature.

I have also contributed to the Literature Masterclasses series of lectures and designed and taught the Introduction to Humanities module in the defunct Cardiff University Intenational Foundation Programme.


I did a degree in English Language and Literature at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Florianópolis, Brazil), during which I started to teach English professionally.

I have a master's degree in Literary Theory from the same university.

I moved to the UK and did my PhD in Critical and Cultural Theory at Cardiff University.

I am active both as a Literary Studies scholar and a language tutor.

I'm a Welsh learner and I was the first person to take the UK citizenship test through the medium of Welsh.