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Jamie Woods

Mr Jamie Woods

Creative Writing Tutor


I'm a short-story and poetry with an MA in Creative Writing from Cardiff University, having previously studied literature as a mature student at the Open University. Alongside teaching, I am Poet-in-Residence at the charity Leukaemia Care.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer - Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia - and am now in remission. I have found writing a therapeutic way to come to terms with my illness. One of the poems I wrote during this period - 'Ring the Bell' - was commended in the Hippocrates International Prize for Poetry and Medicine, 2021.

I've had short stories published in Evergreen Review, The Lonely Crowd, Smoke: a London Peculiar and The First Line , poetry in  Poetry Wales, Spoonie Journal, and  Ink Sweat & Tears; articles about mental health in Leukaemia Matters magazine, as well as a number of critical and non-fiction pieces in Wales Arts Review and various blogs, fanzines and other publications.

Social media and online communities are my other passion, and I currently manage digital customer experience programmes for a global tech company. I'm also a patient panelist, supporter and advocate for the charity Leukaemia Care UK.


My research interests are: 21st Century fiction, poetry about illness and disability, Katherine Mansfield, Ali Smith; digital communities, digital identities, digital epistolary; indie and alternative music from 1976-1999.


Short Stories

Critical Writing


With my background in writing and my professional experience in the constantly-evolving online digital world, I'm delighted to be a teacher on the Digital Publishing course, as well as Creative Writing: Starting to Write.


While working in a call-centre, I enrolled at the Open University as a mature student – I liked books, so why not study them? 
A part-time Humanities course led to a part-time degree, which was then followed by a full-time MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University.

My critical work focussed on identity, and on digital learning environments and techniques – how best to incorporate the technology we have available to us to make teaching, learning and facilitating Creative Writing easier.

Since completing my MA, I've been busy working in the fast-moving world of Social Media for a major UK brand: leading the online community; creating, curating and editing content; and working with PR, marketing, and digital teams to ensure that the voice of the brand is consistent and customers get a clear message. I now oversee the Digital Experience for a global tech company, and am Poet-in-Residence at Leukaemia Care UK.