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David Oakley

Senior Lecturer

Yr Ysgol Seicoleg

Adeilad y Tŵr, Plas y Parc, Caerdydd, CF10 3AT


Research summary

My earliest research was into the cortical and subcortical substrates of learning and memory (primarily in the context of Pavlovian conditioning and instrumental learning).  More recently I have been interested in hypnosis and suggestion as topics in their own right, as therapeutic techniques, as a means of exploring pain, consciousness and the voluntary control of action, and in the creation of experimental analogues of clinical conditions, such as conversion disorder and functional pain.  A number of the later studies have involved neuroimaging in the search the relevant underlying neurocognitive mechanisms.

Full list of publications

Publications can be found here.


Undergraduate education

1961-65: University College, University of London. B.Sc. 1st Class Honours Psychology

Postgraduate education

1965-76: Ph.D. University of London. "Decorticate Learning" 
1983-88: BPS Diploma in Clinical Psychology.


1968-76: Member of Research Staff.  MRC Unit on Neural Mechanisms of Behaviour, London.
1976-78: Lecturer in Psychology.  Department of Social Sciences and Humanities. The City University, London.
l978-87: Lecturer in Psychology. Department of Psychology, University College London.
1987-2005: Senior Lecturer in Psychology.  Department of Psychology, University College London.
1989-92: Director of Schools and Colleges Liaison.  Registrar’s Division, University College London (Full-time secondment).
1993-2003: Director of Diploma and MSc programmes in Applied Hypnosis, Department of Psychology, University College London
1993- Director of Hypnosis Unit, Department of Psychology, University College London
2004-: Director of Modular Programmes in Hypnosis Studies.
2005-07: Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, University College London.
2007-: Emeritus Professor, Department of Psychology, University College London,. 
2007-: Honorary Professor, School of Psychology, University of Cardiff

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Awards/external committees

1982-: Fellow of the British Psychological Society
2000-: Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
2004: BMA Medical Book Competition Award (Malingering and Illness Deception, OUP)
2004: Henry Guze Award for best research paper, awarded by American Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis . (BLAKEMORE, S.-J., OAKLEY, D.A. & FRITH, C.D.  Delusions of alien control in the normal brain. Neuropsychologia, , 2003)