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Ayman Asiri

Mr Ayman Asiri

Myfyriwr ymchwil


My interests lie in all things entomology, but I'm particularly interested in how insects respond to and are impacted by disease. 

I graduated from the University of Plymouth with BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences in 2020. During which I undertook a placement year where I worked as a curatorial assistant in an entomology laboratory, and lived in the Appenine mountains of Italy working on a bear conservation project. After graduating from my undergraduate I went on to do an MSc by Research in Entomology at Reading University.

My current research focusses on disease in honeybees, but during my degrees I had the opportunity to work on research projects involving a wide range of invertebrates, including isopod immunity, ladybird disease and colour forms, and spider biodiversity. 


Research interests

  • Insect disease and parasitism 
  • Arthropod ecology
  • Insect behaviour
  • Invertebrate immunity
  • Insect husbandry
  • Insect natural products


Carsten Muller

Dr Carsten Muller

Senior Lecturer, Tiwtor Adrannol Ôl-raddedig