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Katherine Pickering

Miss Katherine Pickering

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I am a PhD student in the School of Modern Languages looking into grassroots activism in the Southern Cone of South America. The PhD is part of the 1+3 programme funded by the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership and is supervised across two Schools, Modern Languages and Law and Politics. My supervisors are Joey Whitfield (Modern Languages) and Marysia Zalewski (Law and Politics). As part of this programme, I also completed an MSc in Social Science Research Methods.

I hold a BA in Modern Languages from Cardiff University and a MSc in International Relations of the Americas from University College London.



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My research interests include feminist protest movements and (neo)conservative-religious counter-movements in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Specifically, I am interested in grassroots organising; communication, and collaboration between civil society, NGOs, and government institutions; and coalitions between religious actors and the far-right.

My thesis will use creative methods and story-telling narratives to explore the contexts and actions of interested parties on all sides of the so-called ‘culture-wars’ in southern South America, as they try to promote their own morals and values within their communities.


Joseph Whitfield

Joseph Whitfield

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