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Antonio Ioris

Dr Antonio Ioris


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Adeilad Morgannwg, Ystafell 1.82, Rhodfa’r Brenin Edward VII, Caerdydd, CF10 3WA
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My academic interests rest primarily in the political dimension of the interconnections and interdependencies between society and the rest of nature. Most of my current research is related to social and environmental justice, the multiple obstacles faced by marginalised groups and creative reactions at different geographical scales. The work is intended to have both academic and more-than-academic relevance and is focused on socionatural processes, on the political economy of development and environmental regulation, and on governance and politics.

You can have an overview of my publications and research projects at: Antonio Ioris (research and publications)













Book sections





“Challenges and Risks Faced by Indigenous Peoples in Today’s Brazil: Unpacking Vulnerability and Multiple Reactions”, funded by the AHRC. Role: PI. £ 127,000.

“Indigenous School Education and Socio-Spatial Justice in Brazil”, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), collaboration Cardiff University-Unicamp-UFGD. 2019. Role: PI. £ 39,610.

“Environment and Development: Shared 21st Century Sustainability Challenges”, funded by the Newton Fund via FAPESP (Brazil)-British Council. 2019. Role: PI. £ 49,200

“Long Pending Questions Affecting the Guarani-Kaiowás in Mato Grosso do Sul: Agribusiness Expansion, Racism and the Ambiguous International Borders between Brazil and Paraguay”, funded by the British Academy/Newton Fund (Grant Reference: NAF2R2\100152). 2018-202. PI (related to the advanced fellowship of Dr Jones Goettert, UFGD, Brazil). £ 77,975.00.

“Agro-Cultural Frontiers and the Amazon: Contested Histories, New Alterities and Emerging Cultures”, funded by AHRC (Grant reference: AH/R003645/1). 2018-2020. PI. £ 60,720.

Marsico Visiting Scholar Program to have meetings, give talks to graduate students and chair a graduate workshop at Denver University, USA, in March 2018.

“The Other side of Agribusiness in the Amazon: Giving Visibility to the Reality and the Needs of Peasant Farmers in an Area Dominated by Soybean Agribusiness”, ESRC Impact Acceleration Account & complemented with funds from Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). 2017-2018. PI. £ 13,995.

“Land Use Planning Challenges: The Gentrification of the Historical Centre of Quibdó, Choco (Colombia) and its Impact on the Sustainable Socio-economic Production”, funded by the Newton-Caldas Fund. 2016-2018. Role: PI. £ 259,000

“Supporting Sustainable Ecosystems for Poverty Alleviation in the Amazon”, funded by the Newton Fund via FAPEAM (Brazil)-British Council. 2015-2016. Role: Co-I. £ 36,000

“Agroecological Business: Connecting Civil Society, SMEs and Consumers to Nature and the Land”, funded by ESRC. 2015-2016. Role: Co-I. £20,000

“Water as the Frontier of Agribusiness: Politico-Ecological and Socio-Economic Connections from Farms to Global Markets”, funded by the Newton Fund via FAPESP (Brazil)-British Council. 2004-2015. Role: PI. £ 42,200

“Resource Sovereignty as a Strategy towards Securing Social Transformation, Environmental Sustainability and Human Well-being”, funded by International Social Science Council (ISSC)/UNESCO. 2014-2015. Role: Co-I. € 30,000

“Water Resources Management in the Hydrographic Region of the Guanabara Bay”, funded by FAPERJ. 2014-2016. Role: international CoI. £ 12,000

“The Future of our Food: Resilience, Security and Justice in a Global Context”, funded by ESRC. 2014-2015. Role: Co-I. £30,000

“Agribusiness, Water Resources and Institutional Complexity: Integrated Assessment Sustainability”, funded by CAPES/Brazil, programme “Science without Borders”, 2013-2015. Role: PI. £65,000

“Improving Communication between Scales of Flood Management: From communities to forecast centres and policy-makers”, part of the Dot.Rural project; research assistant (10% FTE); funded by EPSRC, 2011-2015. £250,000

PRONEX (Nutrients and Pesticides in the Surface Water of the Northern Pantanal River Basins: An integrated approach), Co-I coordinating the work package on water regulation; funded by the Brazilian agency FAPEMAT, 2011-2012. £40,000

“Forest Dependent Poor at the Agricultural Frontier: The Complexity of Poverty and the Promise of Sustainable Forest Ecosystems in Amazonia”, Co-I, responsible for the environmental governance work package; funded by ESRC/NERC/DFID programme Ecosystem Service and Poverty Alleviation (ESPA), 2010-2011. £53,000

“Environmental Marginality and Social Exclusion in Scotland: A Comparative Analysis of Two Environmentally Deprived Areas”, funded by The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, 2010-2011. £4.8,000.

“Adaptation to Climate Change: Institutional Vulnerabilities in the Paraguay River Basin”, Co-I responsible for the work package on institutional reforms; funded by the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq). 2009-2010. £35,000.

Marsico Visiting Scholar Program to have meetings, give talks to graduate students and chair a graduate workshop at Denver University in April 2011.

Consultancy work ‘Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2006: Understanding Engagement of Owners and Users’; funded by the Scottish Government, 2009. Role: Co-I. £46,000.

Consultancy ‘Creating a New Prosperity: Fresh Approaches to Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being. Systematic Review; funded by NERC/ESRC, 2009. Role: Co-I. £26,000.

Leverhulme Fellowship; project “Water Politics and Regulatory Reforms in Lima, Peru”, funded by The Leverhulme Trust. 2008-2009. £7,600.

International Research Network “Sustainable Management of Water in the Pantanal, South American Wetland”, Funded by The Leverhulme Trust. 2008-2011. £14,500.

“Integrated Farm to Catchment Governance”; funded by DEFRA. 2007-2008. £ 60,000.

“Water Conflicts and Water Values in Rio de Janeiro”; funded by the funded by the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq). 2008-2009. £16,000.

“Reform of Water Regulation in Portugal and Spain”, funded by The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2008. £3,200.


As Course Coordinator

Environment and Society: Living with Environmental Change (level 1)

Environment and Development (MSc level)

Principles and Practices of Environmental Governance (MSc level)

International fieldtrip on Environment and Development (MSc level)


As Contributing Lecturer

Sustainable Development: Concepts, Practices and Challenges (level 2)

Environment and Society: Climate Change (level 3)

Research Methods (MSc level)



PhD  University of Aberdeen (UK), Geography, Feb 2005

Thesis: “A Framework for Assessing Freshwater Sustainability at the River Basin Scale”           

MRes  University of Aberdeen (UK), Research Methods, Oct 2003

Dissertation: “Theoretical Basis for the Assessment of Freshwater Sustainability”

MSc  University of Oxford (UK), Environmental Change and Management,Oct 1999

Dissertation: “Water Resources in Northeastern Brazil: The Management of the São Francisco River Basin”             

BEng (agriculture)  UFRGS (Brazil), Aug 1992



Reader in Geography and Director of the MSc in Environment and Development, Cardiff University, +2019

Senior Lecturer in Geography, Cardiff University, 2016-2019

Lecturer in Human Geography (environment and society) and Director of the MSc Environment and Development, Edinburgh University, 2012-2016

Lecturer, School of Geosciences and Fellow of the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, Aberdeen University, 2007-2012

Pos-doctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Urban and Regional Research and Planning (IPPUR), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007

Senior Policy Officer, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), 2003-2007

Senior Water Resources Manager, Pantanal Programme, Ministry of the Environment, Brasília, Brazil (sponsored by the UNDP), 2000-2002

Consultant, UN-Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean and the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology, 1999-2000

Project Manager, Ministry of the Environment, Brasília, Brazil, 1997-1998

Agriculture engineer and farm manager in various parts of Brazil, 1992-1997

Meysydd goruchwyliaeth

PhD Students

Alice Taherzadeh, “Agroecological Transformations: Engaging with Social Movement Learning to Bring Agroecology to Scale” (since Jul 2020), funded by ESRC

Alice Essam, “The Frontiers of Food Sovereignty and Agrarian Justice in the Amazon: A Community-Based Study of Political Agroecology in the State of Pará (Brazil)” (since Sep 2018) funded by ESRC

Daniela De Fex Wolf, “Why does Hunger-poverty Cycle Persist in Fishing Communities? A Case Study in Colombia” (since Mar 2018), funded by the Colombian Government

Zahoor ul Haq, “The Geopolitics of Energy and Pakistan’s Energy Crisis: A Case Study of Balochistan” (since Sep 2015)


Past PhD Students

Tatianna Mello P. Silva, “Tracing Trash: A Socio-spatial Analysis of Recycling Networks in Brazil”. Leverhulme Trust, Perfect Storm studentship (2015-2017)

Nancy Chawawa, “The Value of Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation Strategies within Climate Vulnerable Communities in Malawi”. University of Edinburgh studentship, FAO Grant and PETA Grant. (2013-2017).

Warwick Wainwright, “The Economic Value of Farm Animal Genetic Resources (FAnGR) Conservation in the UK, Brazil and Malawi”. NERC scholarship (2014-2016)

Christopher Schulz, “A Multi-stakeholder Perspective on the Value of Water in the Brazilian Cuiabá River Basin and in the Pantanal to Inform Water Governance across Brazil and Scotland”. Hydro-Nation Scholarship/CREW. (2013-2016).

Bregje van Veelen, “Community Renewable Energy and a Just Low-Carbon Energy Transition”. ESRC studentship. (2013-2016).

Susan McCleary, “From Deindustrialization to Sustainability: Cuba’s Sustainable Transformation”. (2013-2016).

Kate Symons, “New Conservation Utopias: The Case of Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique”. ESRC studentship. (2012-2017).

Kathryn Miles, “Environmental degradation of the Pantanal: Learning from the Taquari River Refugees”. (2011-2015). ESRC Doctoral Training Centre studentship. Aberdeen University (transferred to Edinburgh University) (2011-2015).

Steven Vella, “Development Projects, Environmental & Social Impact Assessments, Civic Society Group Involvement and Governance: A case of thinking out of the box for the island state of Malta?” (2011-2015). ACES studentship. Aberdeen University.

Muriel Côte, “The Struggle for Autonomy: Seeing gold and forest like a local government in Northern Burkina Faso”. ESRC studentship & Moss Scholarship. (2013-2014).

Hamdan Al Shaer, “Development of Environmental Management Strategy for the Emirate of Dubai”. Self-funded. Aberdeen University. (2010-2012)

Diana McNamara, “Matters in Mind: An Exploration of Environmental Attitudes using Interdisciplinary Methods from Psychology and Social Sciences”. ACES studentship. Aberdeen University. (2009-2012)