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Litang Shao  BA, MMus (HKAPA), PhD (HKU), PGDE (CUHK), QTS

Dr Litang Shao BA, MMus (HKAPA), PhD (HKU), PGDE (CUHK), QTS


+44 29208 70603
33-37 Heol Corbett, Ystafell Room 0.17, Cathays, Caerdydd, CF10 3EB


I am a Lecturer in Composition and Music theory.

I was born in Guangzhou, have been in Hong Kong for many years, currently based in the UK. I am an active composer with interests including Chinese culture and aesthetics, mixed elements of East and West, the Chinese instruments timbral exploration, Cantonese music development, and a particular interest in the compositional research on Chinese calligraphy and music.

I have been selected to participate in the “Young China -Ten Talented Composers” Chamber Music Festival in Germany and awarded the third prize of the 7th Con Tempo New Chamber Music Composition Competition presented by the Central Conservatory of Music, the Special Prize Award in the Liu Tianhua composition competition held by Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Best Instrumental Music Award in the LingNan Music Annual Best Composition Competition 2015, and the finalist in the New Generation Composition Competition in Hong Kong.

My works have been featured and performed in several music festivals and ensembles worldwide, of which examples include Beijing Modern Music Festival, “Young China -Ten Talented Composers” Chamber Music Festival in Germany, Musicarama Hong Kong, “Music from the Heart” by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Composers’ Festival, and the Intangible Cultural Heritage concert at Guizhou Province, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Orchestra, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, Guangdong National Orchestra, Yuanyang Chinese Music Ensemble of Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Szymanowski Quartet in Warsaw, Sonar Quartet in Germany and many.

I received my PhD in Music Composition with a full studentship from The University of Hong Kong under the supervision of Dr. Joshua Chan and Master of Music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with the Lions Joseph Koo Music Foundation Compositional Scholarship as well as a bachelor’s degree at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou with National Outstanding Scholarship and title of outstanding graduates. I also received the Postgraduate Diploma in Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and was awarded the Academic Performance Award.

Prior to joining Cardiff University, I taught at The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou.


Works (selection):

  • Time Spectrum for clarinet, cello and piano (2021)
  • Dawn for Chinese orchestra (2020)
  • Poketmon Go go go for speech choir (2019)
  • Leung Cha Guide (The guide of Chinese Herbal Tea) for Cantonese music ensemble 'Wu Jiatou' (2018)

  • Picturesque Guangdong for Chinese music ensemble (2018)

  • Hakka Drifting for Chinese orchestra (2017)
  • A Touch of Zheng for Guzheng Solo (2017)
  • Harmony for string quartet (2016)

  • The Capriccio of Yuexiu for Yangqin and Dizi (2016)
  • Three Imaginary Chinese Landscape Paintings for clarinet, viola and piano (2016)
  • Nostalgia of the Ancient Village for flute, clarinet and guzheng (2015)
  • The Maple Avenue for yangqin solo (2015)

  • Cantonese Shadow for string quartet (2015)

  • Trink for guzheng solo and wind orhestra (2014)

  • Four Pieces of Chinese Calligraphy for Chinese instrumental ensemble (2014)

  • Black and White for flute and cello (2014)

  • Ink Shrimps for percussion ensemble (2013)

  • Floating color Parade for piano solo (2013)
  • Shadowing Light of Ink for guzheng solo (2012)

  • In the Wake of the Moon for guqin, xiao and Dancer (2011)

  • Tactic for dizi, pipa, guzehng, oboe, cello and piano (2011)

  • Chasing the Dream of Canton for electronic and dizi (2011)

  • A Melody of Winds for yangqin solo (2010)

  • Serenity and Impulse for dizi, erhu, guzheng and orchestra (2010)

  • Moon Steps Fantasy for string quartet (2010)

  • A Purge of Soul for guanzi, guzheng, pipa and zhongruan (2009)

  • Cantonese Rhyme for orchestra (2009)

  • Nature Peace for flute, cello and piano (2008)

  • Abstruse ancient sound for two violins (2008)

  • Five for string quartet (2007)


Undergraduate Teaching:

  • Elements of Tonal Music
  • Composition (including supervisor for Final Year major project modules)
  • Tonal Common Practice: Styles and Technique

Postgraduate Teaching:

  • I contribute to specialist classes in the Research Skills & Teaching Music modules
  • 20th and 21st Century Music.


Education and Qualifications

  • 2020 Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Academic Performance Award (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • 2016 PhD in Music Composition (The University of Hong Kong)
  • 2013 Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (The University of Hong Kong)
  • 2011 Master of Music in Composition (The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)
  • 2009 Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition with Outstanding Graduate Award (Xinghai Conservatory of Music,Guangzhou)

Anrhydeddau a dyfarniadau

  • Academic Performance Award, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2020)
  • Selected composer for Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Net Festival – ‘With New Tunes, We Connect’  (2020)
  • CASH Best Speech Choir Composition Gold Award, Hong Kong Speech Choir Festival (2019)
  • Selected composer of Music from the Heart Concert by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (2018)
  • Best Instrumental Music Award, LingNan Music Annual Best Composition Competition,Guangdong, China (2015)
  • Third Prize, The 7th Con Tempo Chinese New Chamber Music Composition Competition, Central Conservatory of Music,Beijing (2014)
  • Finalist of the New Generation Composition Competition, Hong Kong Composers’ Guild (2013)
  • Full studentship, The University of Hong Kong (2012-2016)
  • Special Prize, Liu Tianhua Chinese instrumental ensemble Composition Competition,  Shanghai Chinese Orchestra (2010)
  • Lions Joseph Koo Music Foundation Compositional Scholarship, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (2010)
  • Outstanding Graduate Award, Xinghai Conservatory of Music,Guangzhou,China (2009)
  • First Prize for Oustanding Performance Scholarship, Xinghai Conservatory of Music,Guangzhou,China (2005-2009)
  • National Scholarship, Xinghai Conservatory of Music,Guangzhou,China (2007)
  • Selected composer in the Beijing Modern Music Festival, Central Conservatory of Music,Beijing,China (2007)
  • Selected composer in the “Young China -Ten Talented Composers” Chamber Music Festival in Germany (2006)

Aelodaethau proffesiynol

  • Chief Secretary, Hong Kong Association for Music Educators (2019-Present)
  • Music Committee Member, Hong Kong Schools Music-Speech Association (2018-2020)
  • Member, Hong Kong Composers’ Guild (2010- Present)
  • Member, Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (2010- Present)
  • Member, Musicians Society of Guangdong (2009- Present)

Safleoedd academaidd blaenorol

  • 2012- 2017: Teacher, Music Department, The University of Hong Kong
  • 2016: Guest Lecturer in composition, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guangzhou, China
  • 2012-2015: Teacher, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

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