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+44 29208 75663
Adeilad John Percival , Ystafell 1.47, Rhodfa Colum, Caerdydd, CF10 3EU
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I am part of the School's Philosophy research group.

Additional publications


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Reviews and critical notices

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Other publications

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Book sections





For many years my work has focused on a range of issues and topics in epistemology (especially feminist and social epistemology) and in the philosophy of language (especially theories of truth in both analytic and continental philosophy). I am the author of two monographs (one in feminist epistemology and the other on Wittgenstein) and of a reference work in the philosophy of language. I have published numerous articles in peer-refereed journals and collections on a variety of topics including: Nietzsche on truth, the role of emotions in epistemology, temporal externalism about meaning, and the debate over essentialism in feminism.

More recently, I started work in the philosophy of mind as embedded, embodied, enactive and extended. Together with my colleague Richard Gray, I am one of the founding members of a Research Network in the Philosophy of Mind which has already organised two workshops drawing participants from the UK, US, Ireland, Spain and Croatia.

Research interests

  • epistemology
  • feminism
  • philosophy of mind and language
  • Wittgenstein


Teaching interests

  • formal logic
  • epistemology
  • philosophy of feminism
  • philosophy of mind and language


I did my undergraduate work at Bologna University (Italy) and gained my PhD on Quine at the University of Hull (UK). In the meantime I studied and taught for a couple of years at Syracuse University (US) before coming to Cardiff in 1992. 

In 1996 I was a Visiting Senior Lecturer in School of Philosophy (General Philosophy) at the University of Sydney, and in 1997 I was Visiting Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Georgetown University (US).

Meysydd goruchwyliaeth

I am available to supervise PhD students on topic related to

  • Social epistemology
  • Virtue and vice Epistemology
  • Epistemic injustice
  • The epistemology of ignorance
  • Feminist Philosophy

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Tim Kjeldsen

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