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Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones

Honorary Professor

School of Journalism, Media and Culture


Nicholas Jones is an author and political commentator.

He was a BBC political and industrial correspondent for thirty years and has written extensively on the relationship between politicians and the news media. His books include Strikes and the Media (1986), Soundbites and Spin Doctors (1995) and Sultans of Spin (1999).

Trading Information: Leaks, Lies and Tip-offs (2006) explores a hidden world where politicians and their aides share information with journalists on an un-attributable and often anonymous basis.

His two most recent books are Campaign 2010: The Making of the Prime Minister (covering the British general election of May 2010) and The Lost Tribe of Fleet Street (March 2011) which examines the demise of industrial reporting and the trend to report the world of work from a financial and business perspective rather than through the impact on jobs and employment conditions.

Jones is a regular contributor to debates on issues concerning politics and the media and he has also taken a close interest in issues affecting the standards and practice of journalism. 

He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Wolverhampton in 2005 and appointed an honorary visiting professor at Cardiff University in 2011.

His commentaries can be accessed at: