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Tony Curtis   BA (Hons) MA

Mr Tony Curtis

BA (Hons) MA

Research student

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

John Percival Building, Room Room 2.64, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU


I'm a mature student with a British forces (Army) history and about 30 years of experiance in computing and financial sectors. 

I'm interested in all things military, though primarilly ancient with a focus on Greek, Roman and Punic warfare. I'm particularly fascinated how new technologies and scientific understanding can help illuminate and challenge our previous understanding of the ancient world, including digital technologies such as mapping, geoscience, use of survey drones and virtual reality.


Research Interests:

Warefare in the Ancient World
Carthagininian history
Phycology of ancient combatants
Digital classics
Use of topographical science in classical studies
Septimius Severus and Rome's Scottish campaigns


2016 - Open University BA (Open)

2019 - Open University MA in Classical Studies, Thesis Title - Was battle-stress a condition that affected the Roman soldier during the opening stages of the 2nd Punc War (218-2-1 BCE)?


Hannibal's Use of Landscape as a Strategic Tool - Using topographical and nutritianal science to examine the impact of movement on Carthaginian forces during the opening stages of the 2nd Punic War.

Funding sources

Bill John Travel Scholarship 2023 - This award enabled a field trip to the French Alps to test calorific burn models, whilst walking over rough terrain, carrying weight.


The Veterans' Foundation has provided funding for 2019/20, 2021/22 & 2023/24.


I have over 30 years of experience in Programme, Portfolio and Project Management, across Banking, Insurance, UK Gov, Health and telecom sectors. I am a high-performance team builder, with extensive experience in Prince 2, APM and Agile, project rescue and process implementation. I have conducted extensive team building and individual mentoring, personnel development and resource demand planning. All built upon a strong technical foundation as a SQL, SAS, PL1 and COBOL developer with Data Warehousing, MI and production support. I served previously as a military helicopter aircrew with security clearance to NATO Top Secret.


Eve MacDonald

Eve MacDonald

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History (Study Leave 2022/3)

Louis Rawlings

Louis Rawlings

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History, Safety, Health and Environment and Facilities Lead

Research themes