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Eilidh Fenner

Miss Eilidh Fenner

Research student


Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder which affects around 1% of the population. There is no one single cause of schizophrenia, but genetics is known to play a substantial role. Mutations thought to be linked to schizophrenia are often seen in individuals without a schizophrenia diagnosis, and my research investigates the impact these mutations have on an individual’s characteristics using large-scale next-generation sequencing data. I am particularly interested in investigating the association of schizophrenia-associated rare, damaging mutations and neuropsychiatric phenotypes.

Undergraduate Education

BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences Specialising in Neuroscience, University of York

Postgraduate Education 

PhD Integrative Neuroscience (current), Cardiff University

Awards/External Committees

Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Integrative Neuroscience

Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship







Discovery and impact of schizophrenia rare genetic variation using next-generation sequencing