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Thom Hamer Hamer

Mx Thom Hamer Hamer

Research student

School of English, Communication and Philosophy


Since October 2021, I am a full-time doctoral researcher in philosophy at Cardiff University and University of Southampton. Being funded by the SWW-DTP2 scholarship, I enjoy the privilege of being supervised by Professor Jonathan Webber and Professor Genia Schönbaumsfeld.

Working along the intersections of existential philosophy, literary studies, linguistics and psychology, my research project examines the validity of what I call post-ironic existentialism. Since the advent of metamodernism in the twenty-first century, the postmodern predilection for irony has lost traction, making way for New Sincerity and post-irony. This seems to open up novel possibilities for engaging with our existential condition. To what extent can the metamodern notion of sincerity provide an authentic response to the absurdity of our existence?

Research themes:
- Existentialism, Nihilism & Absurdity
- Irony & Humor
- Metamodernism & Post-Irony
- Art, Music & Literature

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in my research – or for any other query.