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Catherine Hopkins

Miss Catherine Hopkins


School of Journalism, Media and Culture

Welsh speaking


I am a PhD candidate at the Data Justice Lab, where my research is funded by a grant from the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC). My PhD project is concerned with the ways in which discourses of surveillance impact on trade union campaigns and organisation. My research interests broadly include trade unions, surveillance, datafication and data justice, resistance, and solidarity.




  • Boelle, J., Hopkins, C., Kovačević, P., Nelmes, A. and Phillips, R. 2021. Editorial. JOMEC Journal(16), pp. 1-4. (10.18573/jomec.214)



My project focusses on the ways in which workplace surveillance shape and influence trade union organising. I'm interested in how trade unions are conceptualising the challenges posed by digital technology in the workplace, how they are responding to these challenges, and how they are identifying and using the opportunities if offers for campaigning and organising. 


I work as a Community Tutor at Cardiff University Centre for Continuing and Professional Education, where I convene a module on Research Methods and on Community Journalism. 

I have also worked in JOMEC as a teaching assistant on the undergraduate module Media and Democracy. 

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