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Matt Jones

Mr Matt Jones


Research student

School of Journalism, Media and Culture


I am an ESRC-funded PhD researcher at JOMEC. My research looks into how the sociopolitical situation of the Basque Country is currently portrayed in Spanish media in the context of the end of armed conflict.

Prior to my PhD, I completed a BA Modern Languages at Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao), where I presented an extended final year project in linguistics. In 2021 I obtained an MA Journalism, Media and Communications at Cardiff University.

My mother tongue is Spanish and I grew up in a traditional fishing village turned small city near the border between the Basque province of Bizkaia and the region of Cantabria in northern Spain.



Post-Conflict Representation of the Basque Country in the Spanish Press and Public Perception of the Basque Country in Spain

Funding sources



Mike Berry

Mike Berry

Senior Lecturer

Inaki Garcia-Blanco

Inaki Garcia-Blanco

Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research)


  • Basque conflict
  • Spanish politics
  • Post-conflict studies
  • Public opinion