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Ryan Jones

Mr Ryan Jones

Research Associate

School of Biosciences


I am PhD student within the Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre Versus Arthritis in Cardiff University, where I investigate the interaction between biomechanics and biology in joint tissues. My ambition is to become an established academic in the field of pain in musculoskeletal conditions, by delivering high impact research and developing new methods of modelling disease mechanisms.

I have contributed to the development of the mechanical 3D osteocyte bone model with a particular emphasis on bone interactions with the nerves upon mechanical loading and inflammation to reveal pain mechanisms. I have extensive research experience in musculoskeletal biology focussing on molecular mechanisms involved in mechanical and inflammatory responses elucidating new signalling mechanisms that regulate bone and nerve biology, to provide therapeutic and diagnostic targets for pain in musculoskeletal disease.

I am a member of the OAtech+ network which works to enhance collaboration between researchers from the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering and represents researchers and facilitates engagement across Cardiff University.





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