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Ambrose Law

Mr Ambrose Law

Research student

School of Mathematics


I'm a PhD student who studied Mathematics at Cardiff.

My interest lie in abstract algebra, combinatorics, Number Theory as well as a broad enjoyment for most fields. 

Always interested in giving talks, and discussing ideas.


My interest lies in the field of Number Theory, both analytical and combinatorial. Sequences are a personal favourite area to look at and Higher Dimensional sequences at that.

Other fields in mathematics I enjoy are Game Theory, Dynamical Systems, Statistics/Probability and Fourier Analysis.


On Problems of Number Theory; Sum Systems


  • I take 2 MA1005 "Foundations of Mathematics 1" tutorials.
  • I have taken "Computing for Mathematics" tutorials in the past.
  • I have taught at a secondary school for 8 months.


Matthew Lettington

Matthew Lettington

Senior Lecturer
Director of Admissions