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Katie Lloyd   BA, MSc

Miss Katie Lloyd



Research student

Cardiff Business School


Katie Lloyd is a doctoral candidate and Julian Hodge Public Value scholar specialising in influencer marketing with her areas of expertise encompassing consumer deviance and online hate. Her research addresses the impact of online hate on social media influencers as well as their coping mechanisms they employ in order to sustain their wellbeing and career. A key aspect of her research revolves around wellbeing and understanding which strategies are best employed to neutralise online hate. 




A study of influencers self-management tactics towards online hate.

Title: 'A study of influencers self-management tactics towards online hate'.

The purpose of this thesis is to analyse social media influencers as the recipients of online hate. Most significantly, this research aims to understand the holistic influencer eco-system and which self management techniques are adopted to cope with such behaviour to sustain their wellbeing and career.

The research will be adopting a qualitative mixed method approach of semi-structured interviews and immersive netnography with fifteen UK based social media influencers within the beauty, fashion or lifestyle landscape.

I anticipate the research findings to:

  • Illustrate how micro influencers self-manage online hate to be able to sustain their wellbeing. Including a selection of coping methods which are most effective.
  • To identify the internal and external factors that support micro influencers in creating coping strategies.

and valuably contributing to society by:

  • Reforming Welsh Gov't ‘Get Safe Online’ initiative across Welsh national curriculum.
  • Partnering with UK Gov't Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to develop the Online Safety Bill in supporting social media influencers with online hate.
  • Partnering with the Advertising Standards Agency and social media platforms to develop preventative strategies and their awareness.

Funding sources

Julian Hodge Public Value Scholarship



  • Fashion Marketing Management (BA) hons, Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Digital Marketing Management MSc, Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Social Science Research Methods MSc, Cardiff University.

Honours and awards

  • 'Best Poster Award' at Welsh Postgraduate Research Conference 2023

Professional memberships

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Academic positions

  • PGR Tutor in Marketing, Cardiff University
  • Associate Lecturer in Fashion Marketing Management and Digital Marketing Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University


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Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy

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Amy Yau

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Kate Daunt

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Professor of Marketing
Co-Director of the Security, Crime and Intelligence Innovation Institute


  • Influencer Marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • consumer deviance
  • online hate