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Teleri Owen

Miss Teleri Owen

Research student

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

Welsh speaking


As a first year PhD student in Welsh History and History, I have a passion for uncovering hidden stories and shining a light on the unsung heroes of the past. My research focuses on the dynamic and important role of women during the Great Penrhyn Strike of 1900 to 1903, where slate quarry workers stood up against the powerful quarry owners, demanding better working conditions and fair wages. I want to bring you inspiring and often forgotten stories of the women who stood alongside the quarrymen at the forefront of this pivotal moment in history, and reveal their contributions to the strike.


2022 - Present: PhD in Welsh History and History - Cardiff University

2022: MScEcon Welsh Government and Politics (Merit) - Cardiff University

2020: BA History (First Class) - Cardiff University

Awards and Finance

2022: Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethold Research Scholarship

2020: Charles Morgan Prize

2020: James Pantyfedwen Scholarship

2020: Avril Rolph Bursary


Owen, T., "Mysterious and Public: The Role, Impact, and   Portrayal of Women during the Great Peninsular Strike, 1900 –1903", Labour, 12:4 (2020 ). 

Talk Engagements

2021: Guest Speaker on The Penrhyn Podcast, Episode 4:

2021: Women of the Penrhyn Quarry Strike, 1900-1903 to Llandudno Museum:

2020: Dei Tomos Programme, Radio Cymru.

2020: Penrhyn Strike, Welsh Women's Archive Symposium:

Academic experience

2022: Research Assistant at Cardiff University: Long 18th century Wales: Welsh resources from the Salisbury Collection:    

2021: Freelance Researcher: A History of Cardiff Market for Headland Design.

2020-2021: Digital Volunteer at Llandudno Museum: Research on the vote movement in and around Llandudno.


As an enthusiastic historian with a passion for uncovering the hidden stories of women in Wales, I am fascinated by the role of women who stepped outside traditional social norms. My research investigates the history of these pioneering women and the impact they had on the world around them. I'm very interested in the links between Wales and the wider world, and how the stories of Welsh women interwoven into the wider narrative of Welsh history. I am also passionate about exploring the intersection of gender and LGBTQIA + history, and how these themes have played a role in women's lives throughout the ages.

I'm very passionate about health history, especially mental health. I'm hugely interested in how traumatic events, such as the Great Penrhyn Strike, not only affected the people who lived through it, but also had long-lasting effects on future generations. I am driven to explore and uncover the stories of those who experienced the strike and its aftermath, and to shed light on the ongoing impact of such events on the health and wellbeing of communities that were often dependent on just one industry for sustaining them.