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Beth Pyner

Beth Pyner


Research student

School of English, Communication and Philosophy


After completing my BA in Hispanic Studies with European Studies (2008-2012) at Queen Mary, University of London, and my MA in Comparative Literature at King's College London (2013-2014), I spent several years working in the charity and arts education sectors as a Project Coordinator, particularly within outreach positions and higher education widening participation initiatives. My PhD, which I commenced in 2019, is funded by the AHRC via the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. I am jointly supervised by Dr Alix Beeston (Cardiff University) and Dr Debra Ramsay (University of Exeter).

I was one of 15 delegates on the 2022 TV PhD talent scheme run by Edinburgh TV Festival and the TV Foundation in collaboration with the AHRC. As part of the scheme, I was one of six participants to pitch an idea for a TV documentary based on our PhD research at the Edinburgh TV Festival. I currently have a TV documentary, based on this pitch, under development with Lion TV.

From 2020-2022 I co-chaired "Intersec+ions," a student-led research network exploring the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and other markers of difference in culture and society.

Forthcoming publications:

  • Forthcoming, Autumn 2023: "Don't Let's Look at the Nanny: Tracing the Photographic Occlusion of the Black Nanny in Alexandra Fuller's Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood," Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature


Interdisciplinary in scope and intersectionally feminist in approach, my doctoral research examines the affordances of intermediality in representations of encounters between women and girls, as they are framed within women’s contemporary memoirs and films about conflict and migration, and their afterlives.

Additional research interests include:

  • Gender and feminist studies
  • Visual culture studies including photography, film, illustration, and gallery exhibition.
  • Critical race theory
  • Women's life writing
  • Contemporary literature


Intermedial Encounters in Women's Contemporary Accounts of Conflict

Funding sources

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council via the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership.


Alix Beeston

Alix Beeston

Senior Lecturer


  • Visual cultures
  • Literary studies
  • Feminist studies
  • Photography studies
  • Film and Television