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Mingzhe Shi

Mr Mingzhe Shi

Research student

Cardiff Business School


Mingzhe is currently a PhD student at Cardiff Business School. He has also achieved a Master of Science degree in Logistics and Operations Management from Cardiff University. 

During his master's studies, Mingzhe attended a live project at Cardiff University called "Anticipating special events in ambulance forecasting."

Several tasks were completed during this live project:

  • Create a daily forecast to Health Board level using R.
  • Forecasting expected patient demand, including special events forecasting and a recommendation on what forecasting model to use.

Supervision team

Mingzhe is supervised by Dr. Bahman Rostami-Tabar and Professor Daniel Gartner.

The following are links to their respective websites:

Bahman Rostami-Tabar

Daniel Gartner


Research interests

My research interests are in applying different time-series forecasting methods in healthcare services, optimization and machine learning applied to unscheduled care services.


Bahman Rostami-tabar

Dr Bahman Rostami-tabar

Reader in Management Science and Business Analytics